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Crystals, with its enormous variety and beauty, have fascinated mankind since ancient times, however, there have always been people who feel a special sensitivity and touching crystals are invaded by a sense of trance or lighting. This fact has resulted in applying the crystals to divinatory arts as tarot. Crystals are used to harmonize the chakras, to remove negative energies, to keep the body harmony, etc. and nowadays are not excluded from healing and divination, either through own crystals, or accompanied by Tarot cards. There is no doubt at this point in the power of crystals, but it must be borne in mind that by themselves they won’t give us all the answers.

Crystals have been and continue to be tools in the service of the person using them, and that, in addition to being a liability, represents having knowledge, and having developed a special sensitivity. Crystals cannot by themselves change what we don’t want, but starting with the premise of wanting to change something from us or know our future, are without a doubt very valuable objects. People who today are dedicated to the world of tarot and clairvoyance, as well as crystals or stones, use the chucks of Tarot cards, because when it comes to reveal the future, the / the Tarot reader, feels more sure to visualizing jointly crystals and the position of the arcana of the tarot. On the other hand, crystals also have relation with a zodiac sign, hence their direct or indirect relationship with the Tarot cards and the planets. It is recommended therefore, perform tarot chucks accompanied with previously ritualized crystals to obtain an interpretation of the future free of uncertainty.

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Mind Ultimo Capitulo

The power of the mind in link with the science that study the and fundo, even delighting both power auxiliary you with the secret of the law of attraction thinking, Coaching, La Neuroinduccion, etc., may not prevent you revuelques in the Inbecilismo if continuous praising the difficulty, and not for ease, if not because you must accept in order to change, the man who fear above all is not death or suffering, in which as many times it takes refuge and ampara stupidly. What truly fears insanely is the anguish that generates the need to call into question, for example having to combine enthusiasm and criticism, love and respect, doubt and rectification, forget about the moment that needs to listen to and which needs to speak. Its real panic and terror.For example in a situation of blockage of our mind, saturated, it fills, overwhelmed to the point that even up to the evil we wish, rather than wish a relationship human disturbing, vibrant, complex and perdible, our stimulate ability to fight and force us to change, rectify to fantasize, be a bicho malo of truth, that we fret, which requires us to be on continuous alert, an answer fly, that does not stop and embarrass us if we despistamos us, that always keep our mind on continuous exercise. If it is that it is intended to and is convinced that for anything in the world we want an affair with shadows, without danger, evoking a love nest that is full, clean, immaculate, therefore, ultimately, back to the egg. Then you, (tu), needs / s urgently perform the reading of this work, understanding, scope and intellect of its content. Not faint restart your reading as many times as considered necessary for their understanding and implementation.There are who instead want a society in which it is necessary to work hard to make our chances effective and workable, they idealize a world of satisfaction, a monstrous breeding of passively received abundance.

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The Relevance Of The Ludicidade While Pedagogical Resource In The Education Of The Deaf Person

The RELEVANCE OF the LUDICIDADE WHILE PEDAGOGICAL RESOURCE IN the EDUCATION OF the DEAF PERSON Arenilda Lopes Da Silva Graduated Pedagogia for the Facultieses Is Marcos de Paulnia. Teacher of Infantile Education in the City of Paulinia. arenildalopes@ Summary: The studies told here focus the importance of the ludicidade, and its contribution for the learning and autonomy of the child-deaf person, allowing its socialization and interaction with the other. The child learns and develops its cognitivas structures when dealing with the playful one, therefore the freedom to imagine and to try, inherent to the universe of the trick it is a valuable instrument in the formation of the individual. By means of the playful activities, the child unprovided of words initiates its entailing with the world and in function of the enjoyed experiences, she starts to construct to its representations of itself and the other and the apreensvel reality in its context affective historical partner. To play and to play are leisure sources, but they are, simultaneously, sources of knowledge this double nature takes in them to consider playing integrant part of the educative activity. Words key: deaf child; ludicidade; learning.

Abstract: The studies reported here focused on the importance of playfulness, and its contribution you the learning and autonomy of the child-deaf, allowing to their socialization and interaction with to other. The child learns and develops to their cognitive structures you the deal with the playful, because the freedom imagines and to you experience, inherent in the universe of the play is valuable tool will be the formation of the individual. Key words: Deaf child; playfulness; learning. The question of the deafness In the antiquity, the education of Deaf people in accordance with varied the conception that if had of them. For the Greeks and Romans, in general lines, the deaf person was not considered human, he says therefore it was resulted of the thought.

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EUSA University Campus

Our hotel chain has been awarded by the EUSA University Campus with its business innovation award, which will be delivered along with other winners in other categories, on the evening of tomorrow Wednesday, may 25, at an event open to the public in the campus facilities. These awards are framed within the EUSA business forum which closed its fifth edition held under the motto to expand horizons with the delivery of the same.Award of the EUSA University Campus to hotels MONTE these awards mean the recognition of the EUSA University Center to good professional practice, business, ideas and initiatives in the tourism sector. The EUSA business forum is an idea that was launched to take advantage of, put in value and thank to relations after 50 years of history, has developed this Center with its business and institutional environment. This idea materialized in a cycle of conferences and training workshops aimed to companies, professionals and students from the tourism sector, employment in this sector fair (Hall of tourist employment) and the awards ceremony. This event will be the presence of the delegate of tourism in Seville, Francisco Obregon. The EUSA University Campus is today one of the most modern educational environments existing in Andalusia. These four editions, the jury of these awards has been composed by the management team of EUSA and part of its faculty. Hotels MONTE very sincerely appreciates this distinction granted by an institution as related to the world of tourism such as the EUSA University Campus from these lines.

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Ensino Professors

also is important that to if planning playful activities if it asks the one that ends and to who are serving such activities? However, he is valid to stand out that what happens in many of the schools that already had adopted the basic education of nine years, contradicts with what foresees the Legislation, being a negative point for the proposal. Most of the time, one comes across with children of six years of age, passive, seated in classrooms lined up in I silence, copying of the black picture, not having space for the ludicidade and, consequentemente, to prazerem to learn it. Oque can be observed is that to the times the professors if worry in surplus about the contents and they do not stop to know its pupils, therefore is essential that the children feel that the school is a different space of its houses, but that the school is one place where the same ones if feel received and that they can learn creative. Being thus, the planning for the children of six years must be found in a space of interaction of the Infantile Education with Basic Ensino, this still must foresee those differences and also to articulate activities that alternate movements, times and spaces. Another factor that is not less important that it assists very in this process is the interaction family – school, therefore it makes with that the children feel themselves well and thus the school and the professors will be interacting directly with the family of its pupils assisting in the planning of activities that are interesting to this etria band. Ahead of this, it can be reflected on the causes that take some professors to adopt such attitudes with its pupils, we perceive a great teaching unpreparedness in relation to ' ' system of ensino' ' of basic Ensino of nine years, the professors sit down confused when receiving children from six years of age, not knowing, accurately, what to make with them.

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The Scholastic

It was in this environment of intense overturn that lived Toms de Aquino (1224-1275), in the City of Rocasseca, Italy. 2.A Scholastic and the symbol of the medieval universality With the Iluminismo, century XIII passed to be considered as ' ' century of trevas' ' , because as already it was displayed previously, it was a period marked for the authority and predominance of the Church Catholic on all the Society, valley to stand out that with the predominance and authority of the Church, the terrena life was until then total rejected and imported only the future life. However, it had a significant expansion of knowing in this period, mainly had the creation of the monasteries, in special, of the Franciscanos and Dominican, as well as the sprouting of the Universities. In century XIII texts of the Arab philosophy, as for example, of Averris had passed to be studied, what it gave to beginning to the duel between Reason and Faith, duel mainly promoted by redescoberta of the aristotelian texts, valley to stand out that until the time, the used texts more were of Saint the Augustin that was based on the workmanships of Plato, and they served to base the attitudes of the Church. It is initiated, therefore, the Scholastic that was a method of proper education of the Average Age and its definition is tied with the school idea. The Scholastic stimulates the dialectic, mainly in the relation between Philosophy and Theology. Its importance if must to the fact of that as much suggested answers, how much excited questionings, promoting mainly, debates. The Scholastic represents, therefore, the last period of the Christian thought the Education in the Average Age if it presented in a peculiar way, represented for ' ' quaestio disputata' ' (disputed questions), that they consisted of the education form that gave voice to the interlocutor.

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Strategic Education

1 Education as fundamental axis in the transformation of the subject in their different ways of thinking, feeling and acting, allows you to communicate actively in their personal development and their social environment, by applying a set of personal attributes such as knowledge, attitudes and skills. Under this context, I will address in this space the strategic concept of education as a business, from two areas; the first is precisely that immeasurable market and globalized, where applications of information technology and communications (ICT S) are strongly affecting the formation in the educational demand, currently studies programs require to the subject of knowledge to generate strategic thinking under the innovative concept and working sintergico, i.e. in the social dynamics education is summarized under the contexts of learning to knowbe, to do, to learn to live together. Therefore it is interesting that this is not in a vacuum, but it transcends more than a program and become policy of State, for the strategic development and thinking of the subject; If a policy is clear this leads to generate a development intellectual in learners of today, thereby generate science, and thus may potentiate and especially for that society will develop but with social cohesion, in search of a thought post-conventional and achieve a knowledge society more just to live in social harmony. Fixed then the important thing of education in a society, suddenly is not the total solution to social problems, but yes, an essential mechanism for the development and social equity. It is then under this factual situation that knowledge on a global stage, it is necessary to increase the curve of learning, strategic thinking and innovative of the subjects of the globalized society knowledge creativity, every time that your application in individual capabilities they play a key role in knowledge, where it has privileged work sintergico and autonomy from a self-learning approach. In the second area, education and culture, milestone argument in which our environment, adjacent to the education today’s strategic concept called self-learning i.e.

develops the ability to learn to learn and live together is essential to connect the concept cultural with the technological revolution, which allows in your essence the efficiency of a tissue of changes in the construction of knowledge, whose purpose is to achieve the knowledge society, from the perspective of a comprehensive development of the subject of knowledge, making it scientific in its structure and strategic thinking. Where in a cultural environment the next and general environment has incidence affecting directly proportional the technological and education in its cultural context in search of knowledge with a strategic concept. Is clear that in this area we find the so-called cultural resistances, which are also a challenge of great importance for teachers as strategists of education, whose challenge is to achieve the change in emphasis of teaching, through inclusion and study of the learnings in synergistic teams which enable interactions between the subject that seeks knowledge; as well as for the operationalization of knowledge in the social construction of training processes. 1 Business, specialization pedagogy for autonomous development administrator.

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The Textbook

Does this mean that everyone all right? No! In fact, many simply Feel free to ask questions. But questions need! This gives the student space for reflection, a chance to question the accuracy of the words the teacher. Between students and teachers will be put in a useful and very constructive dialogue. Strong schoolchildren are able to form their own views on the matter under consideration, and the weak – better understand the material. Moreover, it is no secret that teachers themselves also make mistakes.

The most obvious of these are easy finds even the most inexperienced student in mathematics. And it will be very good if the students time corrected his teacher with a simple question: "Why?" Try to learn the material at the highest possible level mathematics, there are several levels of understanding of the material. We must strive to rise to as high as possible from them. Elementary. Expressed in the ability to solve problems by well-known model, a theory as it given in the textbook. Here it is enough just to solve some common tasks and firmly know what to write in academic .Prodvinuty. You can easily and without prompting the theoretical stuff? Solve non-standard tasks, as well as those that are marked in the textbook "asterisk" as sophisticated? This means that you have mastered the material at an advanced level. Elementary knowledge there is not enough, because when non-standard tasks, you will find that in Mathematics has a large number of complex and non-obvious momentov.Tvorchesky.

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Old Town Reopened Hotel In Freiberg

From “Braustubl” is the Altstadt Hotel Freiberg Freiberg, 27 August.2012: done! The new old town hotel in Freiberg was ready for the Grand opening just in time for the 850th anniversary of the city of Freiberg. By the death of a family member of the old owner was Hotel Braustubl in economic difficulties. Unused as a restaurant and in the meantime we rent as bed and breakfast, the beautiful object was given the decline in price. But now the traditional house in Freiberg was reopened after extensive renovation. The new old town hotel in the Centre of Freiberg is now welcome business travelers but also tourists. The building was erected downtown in 1507, in late Gothic style, in Freiberg. Thus its history dates but not as far back as the Silver City, but it was moving through the frequent change of ownership always”, reports Christine Walcha, owner of the hotels Freiberg.

Known is the House as “Silbermann’s restoration”, in the year 1911 the Felsenkeller-Brauerei AG new owner was. The restaurant Braustubl was founded 77 years later. First as a restaurant with Saxon cuisine, later as a tavern with Greek and international specialities and recently as a hotel and a restaurant serving Asian cuisine combined with a newly designed a beautiful beer garden. In time to the Festival in June 2012 opened the hotel in Freiberg under a new name of the old town hotel Freiberg. All have tackled vigorously with and the team is a bit more grown up every day to allow a successful opening”fan Christine Walcha. Succeeded in this apparently new accommodation in Freiberg, a 100-percent utilization during the celebrations and the reservation number for themselves speak for the day of the Saxons in September 2012. Compared to other accommodation in Freiberg, Freiberg’s old town hotel has the advantage that it is directly in the city centre and in close proximity to the most Monuments is.

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Xanta AG Receives German Traditional Joinery As An Employer

axanta AG presents April 2013 carpentry p. for the 100 anniversary with successful succession Oldenburg: thanks to the support of the axanta AG joinery p. from the Erzgebirge Grossolbersdorf is able to celebrate its 100th anniversary under new leadership. Buyer is the furniture Vogler KG, which has its seat in the neighbouring municipality of Hohndorf. All jobs in the region remain. With the succession for the carpentry Pavlicek of Grossolbersdorf axanta AG has demonstrated once again their sense of right bringing together sellers and buyers. Not only the portfolio of furniture Vogler KG and carpentry p.

fit perfectly together, the understanding of quality is the same. One of the points that old owner Horst Pavlicek was particularly close to the heart. As for many owners of long-established traditional farms, was decisive for him that his carpentry as an employer of the region is preserved and will be continued under the same quality standards. We rely in carrying out our jobs on highest quality, as well as individual and innovative solutions”, says Horst Pavlicek about his founded in 1913 carpentry, which today is in the third generation ( For reasons of age and because no successor is found within the family, p.

commissioned the axanta AG finally with the search for an external buyer. Furniture Vogler KG takes over carpentry master p. In March, just in time for the upcoming anniversary, had found a purchaser the axanta AG: Verena Vogler, owner of sample retail store house kitchen furniture Vogler KG from Hohndorf, proved a perfect candidate. Since furniture offers its customers in addition to finished kitchens also custom-made furniture products, repairs and furniture restorations Vogler, the carpentry fits with their home services in the concept. In particular, since Horst Pavlicek had combines his craft itself with a modern Studio for brand-name kitchens. The Board of Directors of the axanta AG, Udo Goetz, is also very satisfied with the succession: the furniture Vogler KG met not only the qualitative requirements, but understood also the personal motivations of the transferor. As a gift to the 100th anniversary as the preservation of the ore company managed”, so his resume. About axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. Her focus is on consulting and support small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, succession and quiet and active participations. Also the conveyance is one of the services of the company. In the focus are small and medium-sized companies of all sectors of the economy, which across comprehensive support the axanta AG through all phases. In addition to the headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, the company operates branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. As one of the first companies in the M & A industry, the axanta AG has been certified by the TuV Nord for their structured processes according to ISO 9001. More references are provided here. Press contact: axanta AG, Dietmar Muller Howard 12 D 26135 Oldenburg phone 0173-6733538 E-Mail Internet:

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