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The Management

For us, the interpersonal relations, for example, are co-promoters in a way of being in society, since all relation is educative when the humanity of the other degrades or promotes. In the institutions it is that, par excellence, the education gains life. In this manner, they characterize themselves as the place of the care, reason that she justifies to think them about the scope of a management where the relations if pautam for the ethical-aesthetic-afectiva disposal. (SOUSA; MIGUEL; RASP, 2010, P. 14. grifo of the author) The Management of the Care suggests a Biocntrica Education as form of valuation of the life human being, focando in an education that moves whose methodology would be the proper experience. A Biocntrica Education comes to stimulate the actions potencializando them. It weaves other differentiated conceptions and learnings.

The Biocntrica Education can provide to the institutions collective learnings of changes of its destinations, developing in the groups the practical direction and the meaning educative of the care. To learn together to take care of of the life can transform the conventional relations into moved meeting, and these do not excuse the ethics, articulated to the aesthetic field of a suggestive one that goes to guide the people so that they can abandon the tirnica sphere of decrees, making an existential choice for the trams of an education of the taste and sensitivity (RESTREPO, 1998, apud SOUSA; MIGUEL; RASP, 2010, P. 83) The environment of classroom, this physical space where they coexist human beings playing the roles of professor and students, as much can be glad, pleasant, ccomplishing and rewarding, how much it can be generating of anxiety, it estresse, unreliability or aversion. We can also consider that this set of good or bad factors, to a large extent, is decurrent of the personal relations that if establish between the proper students, or these and its professors.

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Thus Child

What is this "language situation", what does this mean and how can we, the parents at her react. An example. During the lesson, the teacher, showing children pictures of animals and by giving children the roles asked: Who are you?, Thus creating a language situation, other words, the situation in which the child must somehow react to it, the answer to the question or action. To consolidate the material, which gave a child in the classroom, you must first ask the teacher, in what form the material they're given, as he secures the material obtained and by what methods they are learning a new language. Understanding how the teacher works with children, you already will be easier to understand the child and You do not hear from him on his questions answered: "I do not know." Keep in mind that small children can easily and quickly memorize any information, and thus they are also easily and quickly forgotten.

So be patient, Catching up with my tomboy, because you have to repeat the same phrase not once, before the kid learns it forever. Well, if you have already taken up work to do with their own baby, then be prepared for this repetition. Do it without the negatives, we should not angrily shouting at the child, "What do you not remember, we have repeated it ten times!" Or "How much can you, with you head fool, anyone would have remembered!". Because children do not like to be unsuccessful, as well as terribly upset when we show them such aggression, instead of love, it hurts them the most sincere heart.

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Toucambert Reading

Thus the first descriptions date of the end of century XIX. The upheaval was attributed to the technique of learning of the reading, but it cannot be reduced the pedagogical errors simply. It does not have as to speak of dislexia until 7 or 7 years and way, therefore the reading process varies of individual for individual, depending on factors as age, maturation, sex, hereditary succession, type of language, instruction, practical, motivation among others. Toucambert, 1994, explain that, in the voluntary reading, the meaning of a written text is mainly dependent of the information of the memory of the reader, and ha what if must the information of the text associates the sonorous information. (Route, P. 152, 2006). Freire, in 1995, tells that the reading is capable to take off conclusions using more than what the information collected in the text, that is, capacity of raising hypotheses, conceiving new ideas and solutions, from the experience of the reading (Route.

2006, p.152). In a person with dislexia confusions of graphemes are observed whose phonetic correspondence is next (to it, s-z, u-l), or whose form if are similar (p-q, d-b), inversions (or-ro, I believed-cir), omissions (beard, tree-arve), or still additions and substitutions. In the level of the phrase, difficulty exists to learn the separation of the elements and the rhythm. The understanding of the read text in general is better of what if it could assume for the decipher, but rare apprehends it totality of the written information. The imbalance goes growing with the age of the child, as the increase of the requirements of the school and the incapacities of reading; thus, the pertaining to school difficulties initially centered in the reading soon become global in the treatment absence. FACTORS ASSOCIATES Exist certain associations with the dislexia whose frequency deserves prominence, but cannot be seen as the only etiolgica origin of the upheaval.

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The Defence

The space of painting or drawing, a limited edges or frame, a kind of field activities artist, and ‘order’ they need to successfully and as appropriate to the task, the work looked like an organic, beautiful and convincing. In a well layed-out picture of all elements and details fit and are linked, so Okay, and cleverly, as they say, ‘nor subtract nor add ‘ Solve the track – this means not only finding the right mix of magnitude images for the front and the general plan (‘background’), but also to achieve a harmonious interaction all components of the picture as the main and secondary of its facilities. Imagine that before you picture, say, ‘The Defence of Sevastopol’ A. . Cloth considerable size, colorful, imaginative, fascinating. The location of the frame horizontal, elongated so that the width is more than twice the height.

This explains why the opposing forces, painted, arranged horizontally. On the left side is ‘Light’ pieces of seafarers with the right ‘dark’ figures of the Nazis. Severity of conflict underscore the bayonets, which are also aimed horizontally. Compositional structure is largely determined yet and the presence of both dynamic and static elements. Going on the attack of the war, or dive the aircraft depicted in the motion, and the figure of a fallen soldier or, for example, the ruins of houses – at rest.

Relationship between the figures, elements and parts of the picture, as befits a composition, carefully designed by the artist. Battle plot – this is primarily a struggle, a fight, but the picture there is a unity of parts and fragments. However, the viewer’s attention focuses on the protagonist – Figure of a sailor with a bunch of grenades, which certainly is a compositional center of the picture. Artist apply to your work-contrast spectral palette. Vivid imagery of the canvas largely determine the dark-red glow in the upper part of the picture, the yellow-pink stones and cobalt blue waves of the sea. Dramatic moment stresses blue-green, almost black uniforms, light cream sailor shape and dark blue jack, soaring on a background of clubs smoke. Now a few words about the stages of formation of composition in visual art. Before we get started, try to visualize, imagine a line or the contours of a future image. This kind of plan, a framework for action to help implement the plan. To begin to determine what the most appropriate location of the leaf, horizontal or vertical.

If you are running ‘from nature’ can be ‘direct’ in object frame viewfinder, cut from cardboard or thumbs and index fingers, folded ‘rectangle’. Very helpful before major work to perform one or more small sketches in black and white and in color. Remember that in the picture track mainly consists of bars and lines, and painting all the color is determined, the relationship of different color patches. To develop a ‘spectacular’ skills, good times begin work immediately with , bypassing the so-called ‘pencil’ stage. Good exercise can be filled, and more precisely the organization of paper space by some abstract elements – the strokes, lines or scenic spots. Do not be afraid to experiment!

And finally, the last one. As you can see the role of composition in the arts is enormous. The value of the layout in the learning process underestimated, too, no. Do not forget about it Whatever you create – a monumental canvas, or merely melenky sketch. Good luck and success in work!

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GmbH Thomas Karst Gutenbergstrasse

Promotional Saalfrank quality-Werbeartikel GmbH autumn and winter are the seasons in which can quite get a weather and blow the wind in the face. Therefore it would be wise to adjust in time to. The umbrella is the constant companion and a warm scarf provides a valuable service for protection against the cold around the neck. Incorporating a send screen sets in his program is a good idea by Saalfrank, the supplier and manufacturer of Qualitatswerbeartikeln. It consists of a cosy Fleeceschal and an umbrella with a haptically pleasant wood handle and sturdy metal frame. The current catalog of Saalfrank quality-Werbeartikel GmbH for autumn and winter offers a more wide selection of stock umbrellas with automatic.

The emergency Poncho in different colors as “Saviors in the emergency” proves at a surprise rain shower – he is easily packed into a color-coordinated plastic ball in the Pocket to store or to attach to a backpack or belt loop and thus always in the Act. The new year is a good Opportunity to bring a calendar for many days among its customers and business partners in memory. Saalfrank offers also here Special: 2013/2014 wall calendar contains a calendar for two whole years and facilitates orientation with a stable week slide and a Tages-Anzeiger. The quality seal “Made in Germany” guarantees its stable processing. A three month desk calendar with a German 2-year calendar and a three month survey is meant for the desktop. Not only the date but also the time, indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as upcoming weather display weather stations and various table clocks. The necessary batteries are supplied. Looking at the display of clocks and weather stations always reminds the origin of the gift, because as with all promotional items by Saalfrank advertising installations are possible also.

Warm holding vessels for tea, coffee or mulled wine are particularly welcome in autumn and winter. A double-walled thermo insulated cups made of frosted is particularly attractive Stainless steel with a practical carabiner hook. In addition, the Saalfrank program includes a stainless steel jug. Comforting the scented candle, which is available with different scents. It is embedded in a metal box and can be closed with a lid. A special highlight and certainly important business associates of the chimney from the Saalfrank program is reserved -. It consists of a mix of aluminum and glass materials. Thanks to its exclusive look, he is a special piece of jewelry for any room. ource. His fire has a special atmosphere in the winter time. But also on a balmy summer night, this chimney can spread a romantic mood. It is operated with standard lamp oil. The new catalogue of the lower traenkischen manufacturer of promotional gifts contains suggestions for giveaways, that getting any customers and business partners. For more information see or competent advisors under the service number 0180 5540430. contact: Saalfrank quality-Werbeartikel GmbH Thomas Karst Gutenbergstrasse 7-9 97526 Sennfeld telephone: 0800 / 24 64 865 fax: 0180 / 55 40 435 * E-Mail: Web: press contact: KIM Krick interactive media GmbH Gernot Gabion main Parkring 4 97246 Eibelstadt 09303982350 Company Description: In our online shop you will get Saalfrank Qualitatswerbeartikel at fair prices. Here there is everything about promotional items. As well as practical all-inclusive there is also article for auto & tool, Office & desk or also for the category of enjoyment & budget. Also the classic advertising media such as pens, lighters, textiles or even umbrellas are also represented. In the “offer of the week” is also a product at a bargain price offer.

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Allview Released The P4 And P5 Mobile Phones, Some Of The Most Powerful Devices

Allview P4 and P5 mobile phones, some of the most powerful devices Allview, the largest IT & C vendors on Romanian market, released two new phones, the communication will facilitate members: Allview Alldro P4 and P5 Allview Alldro. The P4 Alldro Allview phone using the Android operating system 4.0, which brings a rich multi-tasking experience in advanced applications. The capacitive multitouch screen represents Super AMOLED plus by 4.3-inch and a 480 x 800 pixel screen resolution with high quality images. The phone is only 9.8 mm thick and features interactive DUAL SIM. The phone takes HDR pictures and films in HD resolution (720 p).

Alldro P4 is with an 8-megapixel camera, a lens of 5 layers of hybrid-IR filter lenses is equipped. Provide more clarity of colors, a more homogeneous image, and, together, put a plus in performance: professional photos with outstanding clarity. The phone allows phone calls in two ways: through the two SIM cards and the Internet connection with VoIP applications such as Skype and Yahoo! voice. The P5 Alldro Allview phone is the first smart phone with dual SIM with dual-core processor with Android 4.0.4. operating system. The cortex A9 dual-core processor with two cores, achieves a new level of performance, characterized by the simultaneous and faster processing capacity of several applications. The P5 Alldro is Allview phone with 4.3 “IPS capacitive display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixel equipped. These properties offer much larger viewing angle than a normal screen and the images displayed are crystal clear, possible in the most natural and vivid colors and offer an improved contrast.

Both P4 and P5 forward about the security that is offered by BitDefender. The pre-installed premium version is valid for 90 days with the option to extend. P4 AllDro can be purchased in the online Allview at the price of 229 euros. P5 AllDro will be released soon, the price is not yet available. The phones are in Germany, Spain, Holland and other EU countries can be found. Allview mobile: Allview is a Romanian company founded in 2002, that has as main activity the production and distribution of dual SIM – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various electronic products. It is recognized as one of the brands with fast development in Romania through the free services and services its products. The company brought the first tablet in Romania in 2010 and since then the range of DroSeries has added with eight models, which are more than 18,000 thousand units were sold. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information on the company’s website and on the Facebook page Allview Mobile Germany, with the new products, promotions and contests of the society in connection to set.

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Deficiencies In IT Service Continuity

ITSM consulting observed in the company insufficient preparations for longer technical failures in the disaster business continuity management (BCM) has become a matter of course in many companies. The combination of BCM to the IT service continuity management and thus the contemplation of IT services, taking into account the mission-critical applications not according to the observations of ITSM Consulting AG, however, often still exists. The consulting company that it is therefore necessary to complement the classic business continuity management (BCM) process for the IT service continuity management. The more comprehensive the penetration of information technology companies, more extensive also the dependencies of the continuous functioning of the technology evolve”, problematizes Siegfried Riedel, CEO of ITSM consulting. Especially the production and sales processes and customer-oriented services and logistics processes would constitute very sensitive areas. Get through serious errors in the technical infrastructure for a long time suffered, we know that far-reaching consequences with significant economic consequences may occur until far in the business environment of the company into.” Systematic risk management for uninterrupted business operation is necessary in his eyes, especially as different legal requirements exist, according to which companies possible risks in the context of a business continuity management must identify and adequately manage. While a critical importance to the IT services, because they integrate both sides at the intersection of IT and business”, said Riedel.

A such IT-service-continuity management processes (ITSCM) aims that the IT organization can ensure a defined minimum level of services at all times. Its targeted implementation ensures that companies can reliably detect their IT related risks and assess them according to clear standards. As well, the risk reduction measures can be then under Cost benefit point of view optimally plan and implement. While the ITSCM process is a part of the overall business continuity management, by he is integrated seamlessly into the overall BCM process and focuses on the necessary IT related regulations and measures. A such IT service continuity management aims to make transparent the possible emergency scenarios in their enterprise-wide consequences and to reduce the potential damage in the business processes through IT service failures”, describes Riedel. The development of ITSCM policy with representation of the overall objectives and requirements, as well as an ITSCM process manual belonged at first to the concrete description of the process in its essential components including basic principles, roles, and activities to the components of a systematic business and IT service continuity management process. Is also needed a business analysis of impact, structured to identify the consequences of the failure of a business process or IT services.

About has designed an ITSCM emergency manual that serves as a key instrument of the emergency organisation and activities. Also back start-up plans to describe the specific technical and organisational measures in emergency situations, as well as practical ITSCM test concepts belong to the requirements. ITSM Consulting has designed this pragmatic approaches in numerous projects that make it easier for the undertakings concerned relative effort to realize the objectives for the IT service continuity management. At the same time, Rahim refers to a further benefit to the customers. Just in case of an emergency, can the continuity officer with so-called Cabinet goods do little, but instead require a very practical and easy-to-use support. Starting from this need we have developed various handy helpers such as emergency cards and emergency kit for failure situations of the company.”

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