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Comic Clarifies About Flu

The fleet Tami flu-sick Prince helps last-minute flu – a comic explains: as the fleet Tami struggles to her flu-sick Prince as the beautiful Prince was cursed by the evil witch, there is a solution for him… Only the good fairy “Tami” could help the Prince! A new animated film entertaining informed about the flu and its treatment. The comic strip tells the adventurous story of the Prince. One day the Prince in the bus of a nasty witch is coughing up to. New York University oftentimes addresses this issue. Then the arms is very sick. All of a sudden, he has a high fever, suffers terrible chills, terrible headaches and terrible cough. The Prince feels sick, but no medicines in the entire Kingdom can help him.

As Tami, the fairy godmother in the form of a doctor at his bedside suddenly appears and gives him the right medicine. Now he’s going healthy at lightning speed. And as also a Happy ending is a real fairy tale, Tami and her Prince live happy and healthy until the end.

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