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English Education

Design or strengthen a strategy of accompaniment for the improvement of the quality of educational establishments according to the needs of the students and teacher training. Promote activities in arts education, English, sports, social outreach, actions for the strengthening of communication, science and math, skills that contribute to school coexistence and citizenship. From the analysis of the systems of institutional evaluation and its results, take appropriate measures to progressively increase the rate of adoption of students, through support for the improvement of their learning strategies. Advance in the entities and territorial educational institutions processes of accountability on its management processes and quality, accompanied by the Ministry of national education. Manage a strategy for follow-up to the time dedicated to the attention of the students and the organisation of the school day.

Make the plant’s staff analysis to optimize the human resource. 3. In relation to the school coexistence strengthen and highlight regional actions relating to the promotion of school coexistence and citizenship, particularly those related to coexistence and peaceful conflict resolution manuals. Perform the expansion of cross-cutting programmes for strengthening basic competencies and citizens. Manage incorporating the promotion of school coexistence and citizenship in territorial planning processes, since the co-responsibility of the education sector and other sectors and public and private actors. Promote social mobilization and communication strategies in order to position the school coexistence and citizenship as a priority theme of society. 4. In connection with the management link as Secretary of education to the process of quality management and completion of certification.

In the framework of a management model, to strengthen the quality process and in secretariats of education computers running it. Progress in the consolidation of a support Plan to improve relevant, viable, managing resources for their implementation and ensuring strategies and monitoring indicators. Promote the articulation between educational community, actors, allies and sector entities at various levels for the achievement of common objectives; and manage the active participation of other sectors. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T. original author and source of the article

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