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Midterm exam in physiotherapy training Office – Health Academy in the official State-approved training – health Academy in the vest the school internal intermediate took place in the past few days at the end of the first half year. This year there is a special feature. While moving has always been the ladies at the peak and the first test places were taken, the first male physiotherapy students drew up at the current intermediate the best theoretical midterm exam. Gerrit Levik reached almost all achievable points. Gain insight and clarity with Nike. It is important to know that the male students always good 45 50% of the participants.

The head of the official health Academy in the vest, Dr. Margret Stromberg allows that hope: we have confirmed always the traditional statement in the past found that girls in tests to some points better. So, the well-kept prejudice was confirmed even by our experience. This trend has been with us in Midterm exams and State exams confirmed. The current midterm lets hope: men catch up. This is also a positive signal and I am sure that this is an incentive for the other students.

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