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President Concept

He focuses on the perception of meaning, show it on a piece of paper and then when it's his turn to to transfer, relays these thoughts in their native language. Each interpreter during long-term training produces its own set of symbols for shorthand. For example, the term "person" in many indicated a simple circle, remotely resembling a head. The concept of "president" and generally means any head of the Latin letter h, similar to the stool or chair for a senior person. The concept of "Russia" sent the first letter in the word, ie, "P"; "America" – the letter "a".

The concept of the meeting (the meeting) is expressed in the sign of "equal". Now let's code the phrase: "The Russian president met with the President of the United States of America." In Notepad it will look like an interpreter approximately as follows: h p = h and. Literally one hand movement – and the necessary information recorded on paper and in memory. You can also develop a system for conditional graphical notation and practice in its use. What is it? To otuchivatsya the perception of words and make a habit of focusing attention on the meaning of the utterance, to develop a figurative way of speech perception.

Now let talk about how you can train? It's all very simple. Before we take up the foreign, practice first with the mother tongue. Turn on the news channel and listening to the latest news, try to encode information. In this case, check for yourself that you do not listen to a specific question, and focus on thoughts, set out speaker. Then switch to foreign channels and do the same. Listen and record information in a figurative form. After some time you will have a distinct skill automatically associate the perceived speech with the images. From the perception will take specific words. Your understanding of foreign speech is not based on a translation of it on his tongue, and the automatic representation in figurative form. Of course, the above method of training requires some patience. But, having started his practice, you'll discover for yourself a lot of exciting moments. Therefore the use of translating cursive writing can be not only useful but also just entertaining exercises that help develop skills freely to take a foreign language hearing.

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Black Sea

Last, even necessary, to their failure and helplessness contrasted with the truly scientific approach and stimulated production of self-judgment. Strangely enough, this book, although the author does not quite ask such a purpose may be useful for officials of the cultural departments, supervising or organizing financing to conduct archaeological work on the location of the so-called "Primitive man", because allows sufficiently competent to assess, in such places can be found and by what time can really relate relevant findings, and not go on about the "sensational" statements of the persons making excavations and interested in spending and awards, and therefore prone to falsify information. Get all the facts and insights with film director, another great source of information. It can also be useful for those who come to the shores of the Black Sea diving and inspects the bottom of the sea. In any case, those who read it, it will encourage a greater knowledge of the matter to proceed to search for the oldest traces of life, which may be under water. For other opinions and approaches, find out what FireEye Inc has to say. But above all, this book is for those who simply love the story of the Crimea and its picturesque countryside and from one year to come here. You can set time to climb the same hills, come to the same ruins, wander along the paths among the most beautiful rocks and wade into the most remote luxury bay, climb into the most secluded caves and grottoes, and almost nothing, and often – nothing at all, do not know about these places. In the best case will be heard only the names of the saved – "romantic" names of places and peoples.

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Professional Translator

Perform transfers from time to time is not so difficult, but if you want to work in a professional translation agency, you must have the following key skills: knowledge of the source language and target language on a high level, basic knowledge of certain subjects, be disciplined and continuous improvement. Firstly, if you want to become a competent professional translator, you will need an excellent knowledge of at least two language. Knowledge of the source language is a basic requirement for novice translators. Take, for example, A-Y translation, before you convert the text to the Ukrainian translation need to text analysis: to understand what type of texts it is what it tells you to parse syntactic structures and stylistic devices, as well as the cultural connotations. Otherwise, get the exact translation will not work.

In addition, more than knowledge of the original language, must be proficient in the target language (in this case Ukrainian). When you have entrusted to complete the transaction, so that would make it clear to the experts certain area of knowledge that can read and speak only the target language, you should know well how to communicate and organize the text, what words and phrases should be used in the translation. In a nutshell, excellent knowledge of at least two languages – the foundation of a translator. Except knowledge of languages is also necessary to have knowledge of several topics on which you want to specialize. Plain text can be divided into genres according to the context and purpose of the text. For example, the language of news, research, the language Technology, etc. For example, for the translation of scientific and technical text may require knowledge of physics, medicine, architecture, electronics, law and others are also important background knowledge interpreter, so we need as much as possible to read different literature and follow the news. And the last requirement – a discipline.

If you want to translate a book from one language to another, you will need to complete returns. This task can be a real torture for untrained interpreters. If the book of 100,000 words, and assume that you translate 5000 words a day, then that would translate the book to work for 20 consecutive days. Newcomers will be very difficult early days, and they would need rest day or two, but if the timing was pressing need to work faster. Professional translators are always first consider the amount of work, then calculable, how many words or characters, they can move during the day and up schedule. Professional translators are not so simple as it might seem. For what would it be, you must constantly improve their language skills, gain professional knowledge by reading selected genres and topics, as well as to develop discipline, which is very useful in their work.

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Aragonese Dialect

Sardinia in L'Apge, in the autonomous regions of La Franco (Aragon) and El Karhu (Murcia). About 10 million people speak Catalan language. Leon dialect. To the west of autonomy of Castile and Leon (Leon, Zamora, Salamanca), many people today oppose the union of Castile and Leon, Castile against the rule in this community and for the complete separation these two areas. Leon said the people on Leonean language, and does not want to go in his communication to the Castilian. And today it is perhaps the only area where kept and used Leonean dialect.

Asturian Galician dialect and language. Asturiytsy – people living in the Principality of Asturias in the former, which was located in northern Spain. Asturian dialect rather original, it is mixed with the Galician language. This is a dialect that used in the region bordering Galicia. In itself, Galicia, which is located in the same place where in ancient times, is used purely galisiyky language. Basque language.

Basque Country – a region of the western Pyrenees – land between Spain and France – to the shores of the Bay of Biscay. The capital of this region – the city of Victoria-Gasteiz, with the name "Victoria" – Castilian origin, "Gasteiz" – Basque. The Basque language is unique, it differs from any language which is spoken in the world. For several millennia, it said the people of this region. The language used here and now. Aragonese dialect. The historical region of Aragon is located at north-east of Spain. Residents of this area – the Aragonese. Correct would be to assume that the language used here Aragonese, but it is not. While in the Middle Ages it was so. Now Aragonese language spoken only in Huesca and the Pyrenees. Kanariysky dialect. Canary Islands – an archipelago that is located near the west coast of Africa – live kanariytsy. Language, they speak mostly Castilian, but it has an admixture kanariyskogo dialect. It's like a subspecies of the Castilian language. Aran dialect. In the northwest of Catalonia is a small county – Aran. Here are the source of the river Garonne and the Valley of Aran is the highest valley Pyrenees. Most of it takes Catalan territory – this is the only area of Catalan, which is located in the Pyrenees. The rest of the Valley took arantsy, most of whom speak the language of Aran. Aran language – a kind of dialect okvitansky. He is in the Valley of Aran third official language after the Castilian and Catalan languages. So, dialects and variations of the Spanish language – is a subgroup which differ in vocabulary, phonetics and a bit of grammar. However, in all Spanish dialects use a common written standard, and only their colloquial variations differ in one way or another.

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English Courses

English courses for adults – a service rather common in the education market today. English courses for adults offers almost every language center, department of foreign languages in education institutions. These English courses for adults are always in high demand. However, rarely putting a goal to learn English, considering other alternatives for training. Courses English for adults seem to be the best option for everyone learning.

But is it really? We will try to consider this issue in more detail. English courses for adults are not cheap. In this class conducted in group form. Often the person who wished to learn English, first choose English courses for adults and pay tuition. He thereby creates a motivation for chtobyzanimatsya gaining new knowledge and skills. English courses for adults are paid, so they must attend, otherwise the money spent in vain, to engage in a little tongue in order not to feel sorry for was the money spent and time. But is not rational to be very motivated to establish themselves and gain knowledge is much more intense and active, rather than pay someone who will just monitor you and strongly encourage the learning process? English courses for adults, as mentioned above, are not cheap. Typically, the cost is calculated from the number of training hours provided the curriculum. Only need to take into account that group lessons are designed to last a minimum of 5-6 persons, and the efforts of teachers were not designed to someone individually, but all at once.

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Language Specialists International

In one of our previous articles we discussed possibilities for improving language abroad for the youngest audience – children and students, who, despite their seeming independence, are unlikely to even themselves far removed from childhood. So far, we decided to attach children. And what do we, adults? On the one hand, and want to tighten up the language, so that there would be desirable – today from the knowledge of the language often depends on the promotion ladder. On the other – The newspapers are full of advertisements for summer schools exclusively for the younger generation – a maximum of college age. A good solution is to visit the specialized courses, teachers who are native speakers.

These services offer, for example, Club Native speakers in Moscow. But, certainly, and in smaller cities such courses exist today – would demand. But our present story is not about that – because we want improve language abroad? If so, then hurry to bring you good news – such a possibility exists for adults. In addition, international language schools – it is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people from different countries! If you are already out of college age, you can safely go to a foreign language school in the autumn – then you probably fall into the company of those who are over 25. For example, in the British Exeter Academy () mean age students – 32 years. In school, English in Chester () in the town of Chester in northern England – 22 years. This is a ballpark figure, and the situation varies depending on season and type of courses.

In the autumn the best season start for those who have left the student age. In the summer of foreign language schools are filled with schoolchildren and students that improve foreign language during the holidays. In the fall of the youth audience back to universities and for the party. And comes the turn of a completely different audience – the adults who come to study English, French or German during your vacation. The average age of people enrolled in this time of year, from 30 to 50 years. Although there are both 17 – and 50-year-olds. Virtually all Linguistic Center offers several training options: – General English (or German, Spanish, Italian, …). This type of course is most popular – are learning together – and freshmen and seniors. – Courses preparation for international language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, DELE, etc.). – Specialized courses aimed at developing professional vocabulary (medical, legal, etc.). The public is therefore older – usually specialists with higher education. – Executive-program, there are courses for supervisors. Group is smaller (4 – 6 people, instead of 8-12) and topics related to communication. According to statistics, school Language Specialists International in Portsmouth, UK (, courses General English average age of students – 25 years (minimum – 18 years). And on the Executive-program anyone younger than 25 years did not even take! Average age – 35 – 45 years, primarily middle managers and senior managers of international companies and government agencies in different countries.

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Popular Methods Of Learning Foreign Languages

Have been developed many methods to teach students foreign languages. The earliest methods were created on the basis of programs for the study of Latin and Greek (ie, dead languages), it is not surprising that they offer the learning process is limited to reading and translation. Grammatical-transferable (traditional) method This method originated in the late eighteenth century and finalize by mid-twentieth, received the title of the grammatical-conversion method. In accordance with this methodology, knowledge of the language – it means to own grammar and vocabulary. As for the texts, it usually is, so-called artificial texts which are not so important that a student will say, as important as he says, that is, the meaning is almost irrelevant. The traditional method of learning foreign languages now mercilessly criticized: Methodists believe that learn from it slowly and properly.

And the end result of training is usually equal to zero, while the 'victims' of grammatical techniques complain afterwards that, despite excellent grades in the course of training and knowledge of all grammatical rules, after some time they can recall only one or two phrases from the textbook. The traditional method of learning foreign languages – an ideal tool for creating a language barrier, because trainee does not express himself, begins to speak, but simply combines the memorized words, following certain rules. Nevertheless, until the late 50's grammar-pereovodnoy method was almost the only one using it taught almost everyone. But already in the mid-50's began to emerge for alternative methods of teaching foreign languages.

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