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Studies Of The Elderly Are Getting Old

Gerontology studies the status of the elderly in society and how it affects the aging process. In this regard, in the case of social gerontology should be to his credit academic subjects such as sociology of aging, social work, music therapy, Psycho. This emphasizes professional practice issues such as recreation, evaluation of the daily activities of older persons, inclusive policies in different social strata. The main objective is the maintenance of the elderly within the family. The latter being the receptacle of preventive care and support for better quality of life at older ages.

Relatives are not always able to provide such care to aging. Hence institutionalization process, ie, entering the so-called nursing homes, or Geriatric geriatric units, long-stay units, among others, is presented as an alternative. This situation and the aging population worldwide, make professional social gerontology as a bulwark in the struggle for better living conditions for older adults. Social gerontology is responsible for the development of research on social problems related to old age, and the design and implementation of actions designed to achieve the welfare of the elderly in the social context impacting on physical aspects, social protection, education old age, old family-community interaction and institutionalization, among others. Two aspects are important within the discipline, research and community work, with strong emphasis in the preventive area. The research is theoretical, diagnostic and many of the social gerontology practice, which is channeled through the design and implementation of policies and programs. The results obtained in the evaluation and follow-up practice back to nourish the body of research, which thus acquires new elements of study. If you want to know more about log on .

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