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Teacher Tnia Cristina Cardoso

It is calculated on the basis of the tax of pertaining to school income (approval and evasion) and in the performance of the pupils in the SAEB (National System of Evaluation of the Basic Education) and in the Brazil Test. That is, how much bigger it will be the note of the institution in the test and the less repetncias and desistances it to register, better it will be its classification, in a zero scale the ten. The mechanism was very well evaluated by specialists exactly for joining these factors. Being thus, if a school to pass its pupils of year without they have really learned, for example, this will be clearly from the analysis of the performance of it in the Ideb In such a way Academic gentlemen, Gentlemen members of the MAC, presents the work to them of the Teacher Tnia Cristina Cardoso. Teacher of History graduated for the Federal University of Sergipe, reason of bigger force, this currently readjusted, acting in the room of Reading.

Of spirit irrequieto, was not contained, before its removal of the classroom, in more not continuing developing what wise person to make, to become in act what it was in power, as qualities in its pupils. It was dedicated, then, such which a sculptor who makes to arise of a block marble or of a trunk, the imprisoned beauty that locks up in its viscera, to make to arise in the pupils, its artistic trends, its talentos, and for in such a way, developed and develops until the present date, projects of cultural and artistic incentive, as ' ' the Aprendiz&#039 Poet; ' ' ' discovering the Talentos' ' . It searched in the theater, and the poetry and music, the way to carry through its intention to make to luzir the flame of the talent that, many times, if keep overcast for the incentive, chance lack, and of credibility that permeia hodiernamente, public education.

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