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Average Education

It is not by chance that Brazil is considered the country of the soccer, the sport is present in the daily one of the immense majority of the population, and not only as physical activity or to be seen attraction. The sport is subject of constant and permeia quarrel great part of the colloquies that happen for the country. On account of this, all and any imaginable environments have certain immensely narrow sociological linking with the modality, that of the edge the delayed colloquies of different sub-groups and allows the participation of ‘ even though; ‘ estranhos’ ‘ to the way. CONCLUSION Therefore, nor everything is lost, while some are used to advantage of the ignorance of ones, and uses the soccer for innumerable ends, some few recommendable ones, with the objective to gain money and to change the social step, others tries to make something wonderful, worthy of compliments. Thanks to the not-governmental entities, without lucrative ends and any type of linking with character religious politician and. They on the basis of work the accompaniment of the devoid families, standing out the orientation on education, professionalization and health. Sight acts that, the valuation through activities directed toward the adolescence, having the concern to prevent situations of risks and the marginalizao of young. This, with certainty can be called ‘ ‘ social inclusion through futebol’ ‘ , beyond to be a form to provide to the child and to the adolescent is one of the practical ones with which they more identify themselves in the ground Brazilian.

In this way, the sport can be seen until as an agent of social integration. This happens because the soccer is a sport of all the social classes in Brazil. Being thus, all have something to say on the daily one of the modality. The soccer stimulates, in the plan of the investment of the torcedora person, aiming at to the manifestation of the society for distanciamento, whose categories as ‘ ‘ amigo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ colega’ ‘ they are reduced to the generic question of the torcedor. Available REFERENCE in:. MAGAZINE: Placar – Ed. At Richard Linklater you will find additional information. 2008.

Some authors. Complete program of substances. Integrated education, book-text: (Average Education) – So Paulo: DCL 2004.

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