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Bremen Game

The Bremerhaven FISHTOWN Academy puts the game “steamer wave” new and platform independent. The FA. Szonn helps implement, Crowdfunding and financing. The FISHTOWN Academy from Bremerhaven is still in the making, it is still not fully operational, but the innovation and motivation can’t wait. The founder, Michael Szonn, entrepreneurs in the IT field and since 1998 game developer since 1995 passionate, he has now left the Academy to water.

The game had its game development Studio “steamer wave” specifically for Bremen, the shaft and the sail from Bremerhaven, two years ago, created and it would like to extend with the Academy and improve. Through the collaboration with the Association “steamer wave” are still known for many activities of this almost 100-year-old vessel, which requires an extension. The game is platform independent on Windows phone, iOS, Mac and Linux, rather than only on Android and Windows, recreate. If financially in part, also on the Xbox and PlayStation. A part of the funding is to the Collected by Crowdfundig support. For this purpose, the developers have opted for platform “StartNext”.

A first success is important for the young Academy, it should still more projects on the subject of Maritime Academy on gaming platforms will find your way. For the Crowdfundig, the developer for the supporter or donor, thank yous have such as: printed T-Shirts, coffee pots, the ship in a small scale as a 3D printing and ticket to the ride under steam, a drop. “The game will be refined with the young talents of the Academy and expanded, it is your story,” so Michael Szonn. It aims to finish the game before the next sail in the summer of 2014, to the “steamer wave Club” for the reconstruction, to the large sail 2015, to provide more support. The Academy has established a blog and a Facebook account on your Web site, which reports on current events and progress.

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