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Construction Mathematics

On secondary schools and teaching basic understanding gaps can hardly by memorizing or schematic account of poor marks in mathematics have very different causes. A but all have in common: the understanding of mathematical thinking is when the person concerned not or only insufficiently available. More than often the real understanding of the mathematical system \”replaced\” rote learning or schematic applying of central computing operations. These difficulties are reflected in various appearances such as: errors in number – and Mengenbegriffen in fractures and Dezimalbruchen building: such as total ambiguity regarding the proportions, numerator and denominator are understood as integers, size comparisons, as well as converting the fraction to fraction; fail Fraction bar and comma are equated. Errors in the implementation of the basic arithmetic operations with fractions and Dezimalbruchen: the fundamental relationship between part and All is unclear. The addition added the numerator and denominator.

Difficulties with the p/e ratio. The notion that when extending the fraction is growing, and shorten them is small. Why is the product of the multiplication with a fraction smaller, where with the multiply everything is more? The causes of these errors are so complex like the error itself. Possible reasons of emergence of can be: a concept of mathematics as pure action statement, which content was never really understood knowledge and gaps of understanding of, which conditionally are so-called \”occupational accidents\” in establishing the quantity due to external factors misconceptions of the mathematical operations and number term already in elementary school a dyscalculia, which has not been addressed is a cold-heartedness attitude chronic difficulties in mathematics but just as missed as the superficial interpretation of accumulation of oversights or simply laziness, the remedy would be with increased timpani. What to do? Because of their logical and rigorous Construction mathematics hardly forgive small knowledge and understanding gaps. In the school teaching such gaps go undetected initially often, because such students through simple memorization of the material for the next quizzes can be initially very reasonable services.

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