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Cuba Romance

If had taken advantage the consubstancial logic to the vocation of the free countries vocation alicerada in the respect to the human rights – President Dilma Rousseff would not have visited Cuba, as she visited. This is the opinion of good part of the press. Clearly! says – Brazil is a democratic leadership. Cuba, an inveterate dictatorship.

Placed in these terms the presidential visit Cuba, in fact, does not have as to escape I infect to it of the incoherence. Unless, fallen in the esquecimento – two weeks if had after all passed since the landing of Dilma Rousseff in Cuba – the presidential visit pass for a cadavrico examination that allows the access to other regions of buried body e, from there, to formulate one theory alternative, capable to disclose its true nature. Destronar the current thesis – the thesis of the incoherence – seems easy and to salutar. Salutar because it moves away the danger to lose to tacanhice of the common sense. Easy, because it is enough to remove the fulcrum of the alleged incoherence, namely, the rational logic, e, on rubbles, to raise the hypothesis of that the visit of Dilma Rousseff Cuba broke of a different logic, the logic of the eternity, whose influx the souvenirs of the past, as it warns Jorge Borges Luis, are concentrated in an only image, agglutinated for passion and for the enternecimento. With these contours the visit of Dilma Rousseff Cuba de Fidel Castro renasce of rubbles alcandorada in image of a youthful past, a romantic chimera, a onrico ritual, in all one case pungente nostalgia. I find that thus it is well.

Nothing of incoherence in the presidential visit. But romantismo. Who would dare to shoot the first rock? We also are romantic. We have this with the Cuban in common. After all we learn to dance with Bienvenido Granda and to dream hearing ‘ ‘ Romantic of Cuba’ ‘ , in the same tropical trail, the full night of calm, and its perfume of humidity.

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