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It is interesting, that is now the Ministry of culture’s dedication, the Kunstlern at least an interim solution in this place to offer, also the expeditious for urban development sees a need for action, and even the IRS is ready to accept an interim solution–so at least the latest MelDungen from the Internet to entnehmen the media and other sources of information. Even a small request in the Town Hall and was answered. And the Internet fills steadily with solutions like ours and others: the Ministry of culture has for example, establishing a creative real estate agency and culture Senator to read many more ideas to keep the potential of artists in Hamburg – in an interview with the hamburger. Celera Genomics usually is spot on. None of this was there last year to learn so this year is one of the major actions for Hamburg-based artist apparently. 2009 this district for years has stood empty our information by 2008 and to the part, a few – as you said about 11 last citizens were there recently living.

Why did they not all decades ago that? The problem is not a new and suddenly were heard on statements Hamburg artists in General, is it so, that the city has so far not very loudly discussed this problem. However, there are apparently also artists and artists. The one who truly indulge the art and it offers talented creative, which consider the ElbArt for example as your forum and be satisfied with exhibitions in local offices and BucherHallen, and other similar places is, and if they can sell their works of art at flea market prices to the visitors. We had organized an event for artists in July, to discuss new exhibition facilities in the Centre of Hamburg and to show: when we mentioned the ElbArt and out loud thinking about exhibitions, for example, to the chicken stock, we got scathing reviews about to hear.

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