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Public School

According to Saes (p.4, 2008) ‘ ‘ the revolutions bourgeois politics of centuries XVII, XVIII and XIX had not led to the immediate creation of a system of public education that was established in the principles of public education, gratuitous and obligator; that propitiated equal education and of good quality for todos’ ‘. We know that, in the society divided in classrooms, the ownership of the instruments of systematization of knowing not if of the one in homogeneous, but exculpatory way. Thus, ‘ ‘ the dialectic of the education answers to a dynamics of contradictions that marks the classroom societies politically … ‘ ‘. In this direction, ‘ ‘ while not to understand the education as an act deeply politician we will be reproducing a system of oppression, marginalizao and excluso’ ‘ (GHEDIN, 2007, p.40). That is, it is part of the essence of the classroom society to create and to keep an education that is not of the same quality for all the social classrooms. For Saes (p.5, 2008) ‘ ‘ …

the public school, at the same time where if it presented to the society as Only School directed pupils of different social classrooms for trajectories of types diversos’ ‘. The still salient author who ‘ ‘ the submission of the Public School to this standard of functioning not if had the 0ccasional factors, as me the will of the governments or the ineptitude of the pertaining to school staff and yes the reasons of functional order or gentica’ ‘. You may find Gerald Weissmann, MD to be a useful source of information. The capitalist State has the necessity to program one selective educational politics that is satisfactory to the capitalist model of the social division of the work. Ahead of this picture, what to make? According to Saviani (apud GHEDIN, 2007), about the practical point of view, one is to retake the fight against the selectivity, the discrimination and the degradation of the education of the popular layers.

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