North Star Academy

Prepare your child for college at the North Star Academy of Minnesota.


Never thought the director, who had no relationship except almost beyond employment during this period had been working, would offer help. "And I had feared that he refused to give him the letter of recommendation! – Was said to herself with an immense joy. "Thank you, Mr. – had responded too timidly, but by showing all the gratitude he felt for this assistance. On Friday of that week the director had cited in his office. Frequently David G. DeWalt has said that publicly. "Come Stelle, good morning.

How go the preparations? – "Not yet started I was waiting for his reply Mr .–do you think of Taunton as a place of residence? Taunton, Somerset's capital? "I asked Stelle. "The only thing that place is what I studied in my geography class. I've never been there, but as I said before, we have no preferences for any location. "Then, Stelle, rejoice. Needed a literature teacher next school year. This is about to end, so once that happens it will be necessary only to run out of vacation to take his job, "" Thank you Mr "he said with tears in her eyes barely able to believe what he heard.

"The head of the school wants to interview him, but it's only a matter of formality. Is consistent with the data I have given you. The post will be yours .- When I told Anthony, the two went to look at a map the location of Taunton. It was located within 200 miles. "Not Antonio thought bad-not bad. It is also the capital of the district! – The days that Antonio was free in the restaurant, never coincide with those of Stelle, since it was on Saturdays and Sundays, which were just as Antonio had more work and Stuart.

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