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Elderly Show 2013 In Nuremberg

Successful participation of the company Allpress Ries hydraulic service and Pressen GmbH at the Altenpflege trade fair 2013 in Nurnberg the company Allpress Ries hydraulic service and presses GmbH in Stutensee-Spock for the first time at the Altenpflege trade fair in Nuremberg took part. The Allpress Ries company has presented in recent years by smaller trash compactors and vacuum device for incontinence waste product offerings. The target group of nursing homes and hospitals are therefore for Allpress Ries and AirNeutral GmbH of constantly increasing importance. There are offered not only the products themselves but also the detailed follow-up guaranteed by the review pursuant to the statutory accident prevention regulation (UVV tests) and the maintenance of equipment. For the compaction of waste in normal litter bins MGB 1100 l, RIES 1100 offers the Abfallverdichteter CP. The hopper is pushed over a guide below Press spoon. The waste is thrown. The compacting in the via a two-hand operation MGB 1100 vessels.

By permanent re throwing a waste, the waste is compressed gradually. The wheels of the MGB 1100 be relieved, drives a bottom plate before the maximum pressure is reached, upward and lifting the hopper. The 4 wheels of the tank will no longer touch the ground. Thus, the roles of the container before the loads on wheels are protected. For the first time, Allpress Ries exhibited a small waste press for MGB 240 l container. A swivel arm allows to successively filled the container manually and then the waste is summarized by the pressing plate. The press type CP 240 DUO presses with approximately 500 dN in the container in and compacted approximately in the ratio 1 to 3.

For medical practices, nursing homes in the city, restaurants in the downtown area, small hotels, and other businesses this may be a useful solution in the future, to reduce many waste containers to a tolerable level. Also the aspect of cleanliness should be observed. At the fair in Nuremberg had lively Allpress Ries about this product. For the first time, Allpress Ries presented a sealer, the Vacumet, for a clean and hygienic disposal of incontinence bags with deodorization and sterilization. He filled incontinence bag during the vacuum process with an odor neutralizing agent type BDCL 501 handled the company AirNeutral GmbH, which deals with odor neutralization technology for many years. This is fully automatic and easy to use. Once the vacuum in the vacuum chamber, the special is 5-layer bag hermetically sealed and once again sprayed with BDCL 501. The neutralizers is a chemical biological active ingredient, which completely again dissolves after evaporation. This completely eliminates the foul smells that otherwise exist when all conventional vacuum devices. Through an integrated UV lamp that is now incorporated in the Vacumet, the exhaust is hygienically safe and clean from the vacuum chamber in addition sterilized, which significantly reduces the risk of infection in old people’s homes. A corresponding product film about the Vacumet you can see on the homepage of Allpress Ries 2.5 minutes. All press Ries performs also the proper review of all waste compactors and vacuum devices according to the valid regulations of the accident prevention with specially trained technicians. The tests are checked after a special check list, worked out with the TuV product service electrically to the VDE 0702, if necessary, hydraulically and mechanically. Also, we have a short movie on the website under: uvv test and reparaturen.html Allpress Ries hydraulic service and Pressen GmbH at any time under the telephone number + 49 7249 9477-0 accessible. In addition, you can write us at the mail address.

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IBM PC Courses

It should be noted that the modules of a large volume significantly reduces the motivation of training with particular importance in foreign language teaching has a soundtrack that can be implemented either through networking or through CD-ROM. Currently, modern information technologies offer unlimited opportunities for solving the problem of distance learning as well as possibly possession, processing and delivery of information over any distance, any volume and content. In such circumstances, to the forefront in organizing the distance education system leaves a methodological and substantive, his organization. When This takes into account not only the selection of content for learning, but also the structural organization of educational material. Virtual courses are generally open to all, although in some cases coming to them are presented certain requirements stipulated among other conditions for registration. You can engage in any place where there is a computer with Internet access. Start and end classes, each student chooses for himself, while Most teachers require daily visits to virtual classes. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that the training through the Internet, they will feel isolated.

To my surprise, they discover that virtual courses provide an opportunity to a diverse and intensive communication during group discussions and in carrying out joint projects. Technical problems among students are rare. Suitable for employment any computer on an IBM PC or Macintosh, equipped with a modem. On any matter relating to the technical side of training, you can contact the manager or administrator of the course. In addition, many courses have free customer service Support available by e-mail and by phone.

In order to study the subject of books required. By itself, a virtual education system makes it possible to acquire additional knowledge for everyone, regardless of national, racial, sexual, social and other characteristics that might otherwise become a reason for discrimination (for some countries it is very important). Much greater role played by personal characteristics, preferences and quality, promote or do not contribute to the successful virtual learning. What is needed to study on virtual courses has been successful? First, the student must be willing to share with others professional and educational experience. The Internet helps overcome internal psychological barriers to active participation in discussions on visual contact, but at the same time, at first he does not feel audience. Therefore, the virtual environment must be friendly and open to constructive dialogue. Secondly, the skills needed assured handling of the keyboard and the ability to express their thoughts in writing. (In virtual space almost all communication is in writing.) And finally, thirdly, the student should not hesitate to report their problems. Otherwise, the teacher fails to intervene in the learning process and provide the necessary assistance, since most outward signs, which in normal circumstances he would understand that the student have any problems (confusion, anxiety, loss of interest subject, absenteeism, etc.) with virtual training are excluded. Bringing in the process of learning the freedom and flexibility, the Internet requires a responsible attitude towards it, the real internal motivation to employment and self-discipline in meeting deadlines and requirements for students.

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Academies English Madrid

There are many options on academies to choose English in Madrid, either by our situation, by type of services, schedules, costs etc.But what is really important if we want to learn English is that an adult has better capacity for learning English as a child. Many people think that children have facility to learn English and it is not, they are adults who have more capacity.When a child learns a language you need to learn the language while learning the reality. When such a child say you boat doesn’t mean anything for the if has no image of the boat in front of your eyes.Need to understand what is a boat and then relate it to the word boat and join the two things.But the adult already knows that a boat is the only thing you need to know that ship in English is therefore ship for an adult is much easier and faster to learn English. For example apredener can be fifty words per week and in twenty weeks thousand words you have learned.Once learned the thousand words need practice logically but is to be understood to others people in English and you will get to read the texts that I needed. Therefore if these thought the idea learn English do not think that it is going to be a difficult task, requires time and evidence logically but importantly, abandon fear the failure of not being able to learn.If you think search English academies in Madrid alternatives there are many and very affluent to the all kinds of schedules.

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The Enterprise Of Sunflower Seeds “Batis Kunbagys

Joint Stock Company "Batis Kunbagys" was founded in 2008. Equipped with high-tech equipment in the field of oilseed crops and modern technologies in production and refining of vegetable oils. It allows sunflower oil quality to the international standards and competitive in foreign markets. Equipment includes the production of frozen purified deodorized oil line with European standards, which consists of the following lines: – line of cleaning and drying of seeds – seed storage line – the line and pressing the oil bleaching – line refining, deodorization and freezing of oil – filling line and package oil. This technology allows you to keep the oil in the seeds at all stages of harvesting and storage of raw materials. Improved instrumental seed processing scheme reduces the temperature conditions in the stages of compression and allows you to select from a stream high-quality oil pressed oil, which, omitting the stage of storage, is sent directly to the stage of hydration and bleaching at low temperature and then freezing. The sequence of processing steps refining oil provides for the withdrawal of oil, the most oxidized and susceptible to oxidation compounds, the maximum precluding the flow of oil to oxidation reactions.

Thus, with this technology at all stages of refining oil is not subjected to oxidation, which increases its qualitative characteristics. Besides all the technological regimes can improve the quality of vegetable oils to increase its output and reduce the cost of thermal power resources. Terms of Western Kazakhstan region allow agricultural producers to cultivate Ukrainian sunflower hybrids, which are characterized by a high content of oleic acid. In the presence of oleic acid vegetable oil gives the oil is 16 times more resistant to oxidation by Compared with conventional oil. It also participates in the creation of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that strengthen your immune system and enhance the inflammatory processes (for inflammation – a part of immune response, who is struggling with pathogenic factor). At its shortcomings in the human diet, exacerbated by chronic inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as allergic reactions. The technology used to factory "Batys Kunbagys" provides for not only high-quality refined deodorized sunflower oil, but vegetable oils such as canola crops, safflower, flax and other cultivars conditions of West-Kazakhstan region are generally favorable for the cultivation and produce high sustainable yields of sunflower. However, for the region is characterized by adverse weather conditions such as spring frosts, irregular rainfall, wind erosion of soil, dry winds. As shown by the economic and statistical studies, these factors have a strong influence on the yield of sunflower and cause instability of its production. In this regard, to ensure the growth of sunflower production is of great importance concentration of crops in areas of the field with the most favorable conditions in terms of stability its cultivation. Author website:

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What Makes Woman Fit For The Supervisory Board?

Five essential steps to the top management board and supervisory board posts are still firmly in the hands of the man: nearly 90 percent of all Executive Board and Supervisory Board mandates in companies in Germany are staffed by men. In the past two years increased the proportion of women according to women in the – Board (FidAR) in supervisory boards and boards of directors only by 4.6 percentage points. End of March 2013 FidAR counted a proportion of women from 16.2 percent in the supervisory boards. So that something changes, more women in leadership positions in a company must move”, so Carola corner Philipp, which supports competent women in this way as a sparring partner. Studies speak of at least 25 to 30 percent representation of women. We are still far away. Therefore, competent, qualified women now even on the way should be upwards. Rather than to wait for the rate, or to be discovered that for a supervisory board posts, own initiative is needed.” Lead five important reasons Carola corner Philip Steps women in the Supervisory Board: use connections performance alone is not sufficient.

Career developed in relations. Women put more on qualifications, which of course is a prerequisite for professional success. While many women ignore that the construction and the use of personal networks are critical for the supervisory board position aspiring to. Line positions to seek operational responsibility and the standing in line positions”, as well as experience in Committee work are essential for the AR candidates. Increase visibility of individual women should develop an individual strategy to visualize both the person and the achieved performance. Appropriate performances can be internal events, lectures, and presentations at conferences and panel discussions. Take advantage of male mentoring mentors can be helpful guide on the way to the top. Cross-mentoring, in which comes the mentor or mentor from an outside company, is especially for top managers recommend.

The ambition to work in a Supervisory Council, should women communicate specifically articulate own ascent. Parallel it applies increasingly to build trust to male decision makers. Because they are still the most levers of power. Carola corner-Philipp ( is Economist, economics teacher and trained systemic organizational consultant. Her current focus is the support and strategic advice to women on the way to the Supervisory Board. On the women & work on 8 June 2013 in Bonn she gives a lecture on the subject of “Ways to the Supervisory Board” and is available for individual consultations. The women work the women & work is Germany’s biggest fair Congress for women that 2012 was awarded the Innovation Prize “Land of ideas” in the category “Economy”. Ambitious visitors take on the women & work on 8 June 2013 in Bonn from 10.00 to 17.30 the who-is-who of the German companies. The scheduled four-eyes talks, exciting contacts with nearly 100 Top companies from Germany and an extensive Congress programme help the women the personal networking and successful career planning. The women & work takes place under the auspices of federal labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen. The participation is free of charge.

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Center German

The SBW as constant contact in all seminar – and technical issues available is fees training and cooperation during the training. The seminar fee is a value added tax 1495,-is 4 No. not applicable, since it is at this seminar according to 21 a) bb) UStG is a recognized professional, non-taxable sales training. Participation costs, comprehensive Seminar documents FoRDERMoGLICHKEITEN for the training are included. Training Landesversicherungsanstalt (LVA) Federal insurance institution for employees (BfA) job Center German armed forces vocational promotion service Berufsgenossenschaft (BG) accommodation due to the nationwide activities of SBW, the training usually in the vicinity of the residences of the participants held. Should still be the desire to book accommodation for the duration of the seminar at the venue, the personal representative of the SBW assist in the reservation. The cost of overnight stays is to settle by the participant with the hotel. QUALIFICATION to the surveyor: good reasons competitive advantage – greater recognition among clients in adjacent areas expertise – boost of confidence with clients new field of activity and expansion of customer contacts with additional revenue order placement through private companies, courts, insurers, expert search services, banks, lawyers, etc the second pillar divided by self-employment as a construction expert vehicle appraiser is training for the valuation and damage costing the SBW seminars in eight phases: (* content depending on the value or damage seminar) 1 Introduction to the topic past and future of the experts need the experts on the market 2 placement of the expert study and his area of responsibility publicly ordered and sworn in the personnel certification ISO 17024 free expert fees, liability, insurance coverage DIN EU * variants / heat insulation * Pfusch construction, defects, damage, etc * 3. self development tasks of mediated learning should be deepened on the basis of exercises by the seminar participants in the form of examples and logical conclusions.

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One By One Maintains Contact With Customers Through Social Media Channels

one by one listens to his customers! And more importantly, seminar providers, participants and instructors stay in touch. To grant sustainable service to customers, the company is now increasingly on customer service via social media channels. Here, not only the newsfeed is interesting in real time for customers. Through customer contact to high-quality seminar update as axis between the instructor and participants make it advantageous to keep dynamic and lively contact. The result: The customer feedback is long term.

Naturally, social media provides the perfect setting for this. In addition to the one by one Facebook presence, there is also the option to learn of new seminars via Twitter and Google + assign one by one a circle. Just about social networks customers and staff in direct contact with the can appear one by one customer support, share ideas or requests. One by one, EDV GmbH is not only one of the largest training companies in Germany, the service provider offers one of the largest career portals. In close Cooperation developed one by one with lecturers and participants constantly updates or new seminars to all in-service topics, be it new insights into career accompanying soft skills or news on the software market. The one by one EDV GmbH is looking forward to your visit! Of course the professional dealing with social media channels is also a topic, one by one amplified EDV GmbH lighted through seminars: corporate information / short profile: EDV GmbH one by one () was in 1993 (since 1998 GmbH) founded and is a renowned computer training provider in Berlin-Mitte, directly at Checkpoint Charlie (Alfandaryhaus). The company is among the market leaders in the field of data processing training, seminars, and IT-training and offers over 350 various computer courses, for example, courses in all standard graphic and DTP programs, Office applications and construction programs, but also modern soft skills training.

The one by one EDV GmbH offers companies and individuals training topics and ensures nationwide open standard seminars and individual solutions in the form of individual training or company training, on request also directly on-site. The company has modern seminar rooms, in which regularly held training courses to all common areas of the software. The rooms in Berlin can cost-effectively be hired also for meetings, conferences or seminars under, with catering and drinks service on request.

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Fugmann Solution

In marketing, of course other criteria for assessing an application folder apply as in the construction industry or in the social sphere. One much too rarely used option to establish a first contact to the company or the organisation is a call to the potential employer. Contact person and name in the advertisement are called, a call is even mandatory. This applies in particular in sectors or occupations with much telephone contact. A little excitement when the call is normal and everyone will see the brave! Open questions can be clarified in a first phone call and then of course, in the cover letter, reference is made to the phone. Often, candidates come only on the stack of the best resume when they spoke on the phone before applying. The website has the claim to provide high-quality, free and neutral application tips for job seekers.

Also the application folder as packaging can affect the application strategy: innovative and customized application solutions that are there for a relatively short time on the market are vorsgtellt. For example, the application folder in the landscape or the application folder with window. Both solutions also take advantage of the approach, a two-part Application solution to equip with 2 clamping Rails. So far, two-piece solution were equipped only with a clamping rail solution manufacturers. The two clamping Rails, however, offer a number of advantages, inter alia because the application documents can be presented side by side and thus easier to read. There are a variety of odds and ends when an application. The tips will help candidates to do as much as possible and to get shortlisted. The job interview tips complete the offer in this article can be offered only a small, selected insight into the content of the page More information is then in the respective blog articles and static pages of the portal.

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Kaltenbach Training

Ralph Guttenberger and Walter Kaltenbach now jointly lead the consulting company specializing in technical sales. A dual leadership has since the beginning of the year on the technical sales training and consultancy specialized Kaltenbach training, Bobingen (in eels). In the future, except by the company’s founder and former owner Walter Kaltenbach, it is led by Ralph Guttenberger. The experienced sales trainer, consultant and coach took over a major share of the training company at 1 January and entered the company as second Managing Director. Together, the two sales professionals will lead the company until 2014. Afterwards, Walter Kaltenbach withdraws from the management for reasons of age.

As a successor to Walter Kaltenbach Ralph Guttenberger was chosen in a multi-stage selection process, key customers of Kaltenbach training were involved in that. “This occurred against the background that in the training and consulting business of Kaltenbach loud a people business” is, the largely lives of the customer Advisor relationship. Therefore a successful business transfer only works if customers the expertise and personality of the successor are convinced and have the same confidence as the previous owner for him.” This is the case when Ralph Guttenberger, inter alia for the following reasons: the former Jet pilot in the air force and Commander of a squadron who as an engineer for aeronautical engineering the technical understanding and expertise to gain the acceptance of necessary technical vendors. Also, due to his training at the St. Gallen business school and his 21-year occupation in executive positions at various companies Guttenberger has much practical experience in the areas of human resources and corporate governance. He also looks back on 20 years of experience in building and managing sales teams in several (franchise) companies from the construction sector, so that he knows what is (not) in sales. The same applies to the training area in the Guttenberger has worked for many years.

Presenting the new leadership duo of Kaltenbach training a broad public will inter alia on January 30 in Wurzburg in the context of a power tag with the title winner of the day after tomorrow”. There Guttenberger will experience the new (times) before the present entrepreneurs, executives and vendors under the heading”speak about the success secrets from top sellers. As other top speakers for the kick-off day at the beginning of the year, Kaltenbach has involved training Frank Scheelen. “The known management and success coach is among other things on the subject of future management: how fit is your business?” talk. He is the present numerous practical tips, as they prepare for the market of tomorrow your company or the area entrusted to them. For the participation in the event winners from the day after tomorrow”on 30 January in Wurzburg have to invest interested 195 euros (plus VAT).

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