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Venezuela Government

He has since then helped them face unemployment, because they are used in Venezuela you professional services of many Cubans in all aspects, which represents a saving to the Cuban Government, but also serious problems of employment for the Venezuelan, them which many have been displaced in favour of technical and professional workmanship of Cubans favor. However the Cuban Government should think seriously about the fact that the financial support offered by Venezuela in the form of oil could have its days numbered if Hugo Chavez does not ensure their power in the 2012 presidential election., which can be a reality. True, says the source of information indicated that among the innovations of the reform is the authorization for Cubans to choose among the 178 activities on their own account and become taxi drivers, to explode small restaurants or open hairdressing salons. For assistance, try visiting CEO Keith McLoughlin. Citizens may, for example, sell their products or services to State agencies, marketing of foodstuffs that were previously banned, open accounts and access to bank credit. On the other hand, there will be more freedom for agricultural production and will be entered something of private property and market with the aim of overcoming the challenge of importing 80% of products consumed in the island. In the construction sector is also permitted the building of housing that will help to alleviate the situation of deficit and precariousness of the constructions.

Also added us that an interesting aspect to be considered is that in order to cope with the changes, delve into economic activity being searched, the only exit that has Cuba is aid to reach international agencies or through a change in attitude of the American Government. USA can be the salvation of Cuba table if there is a major ideological shift in the island. For now, the announcement of reforms in Cuba has resulted in gestures such as those announced earlier this year that softens restrictions on travel and the sending of remittances to Cubans that are not familiar.

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Education School

But nor always it was thus. Old the education was treated informally, (inside of its proper houses) and all learned of igualitria form. With passing of the time, the formalizao of the education was inevitable, this because they had understood that the construction of a more significant knowledge was important and that it had objectives more excellent than they were not mere the common one. More info: Kindle Direct Publishing.

However, still thus if it makes interesting that the education reaches the life of the people and the collective in all the scopes, aiming at to the personal magnifying of horizontes, the bio-psico-social development of the citizen, beyond the comment of the economic dimensions and the reinforcement of a participativa, critical and reflexiva vision of the groups in the decisions of the subjects that they say respect to them. Then the education passes to be understood as school, and as well as in all the scopes of the life we pass for changes, with the education would not be different. We live a time where the conscience of that the world passes for deep transformations is each stronger day and finishes being also necessary, a time that the man is changeable, nothing is forever of the same skill. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gerald Weissmann, MD. This reality provokes in all we, contradictory agreements, that at the same time brings unreliability and fear, as well as apathy and conformismo, come from newness and hope, but, this never in them took off the idea to always long for the creativity for the construction of a different world, more human and solidary. Thus, we understand that a school cannot ignore this reality and nor it can.. .

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The Student

The review evaluated the results obtained are analyzed in the existing deficiencies, characterized by the quality of presentation and design of the text of the thesis, is given by conclusion on compliance of the requirements. When defending the thesis, the text is written in a foreign language in the sac is a joint review in Russian primary and second referee, expert – a linguist. The review provides a qualified opinion on the presentation of textual material, as well as on compliance, which must meet graduate work. Graduate makes hook detailed annotation of graduate work in Russian. Richard Linklater recognizes the significance of this. A diploma course is conducted in the state (Russian). In the presence of a sufficient number of specialists in one or another foreign language protection thesis may be conducted in a foreign language. In this case, the student goes to sjc with the appropriate application on the basis of which may be decided to hold the protection of a foreign language.

Per week before the diploma course in sjc is the order of admission of students to protect the final qualification work for three days – dissertations in printed form intertwined with the revocation of the head and reviews specialist. If the reviewer is not an employee of the university, its review shall be stamped the agency. Preparing a thesis to the defense, the student – a graduate student preparing a presentation (Report), visual information (charts, tables, graphs and other illustrative material) for use during the defense of sjc. The report should be designed for 10 minutes, it substantiates the relevance of the theme, called object and subject of study, formulated the goal and objectives, lists the methods of investigation, an analysis of the basic data obtained in the course of practical research and conclusions.

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