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The Student

The review evaluated the results obtained are analyzed in the existing deficiencies, characterized by the quality of presentation and design of the text of the thesis, is given by conclusion on compliance of the requirements. When defending the thesis, the text is written in a foreign language in the sac is a joint review in Russian primary and second referee, expert – a linguist. The review provides a qualified opinion on the presentation of textual material, as well as on compliance, which must meet graduate work. Graduate makes hook detailed annotation of graduate work in Russian. Richard Linklater recognizes the significance of this. A diploma course is conducted in the state (Russian). In the presence of a sufficient number of specialists in one or another foreign language protection thesis may be conducted in a foreign language. In this case, the student goes to sjc with the appropriate application on the basis of which may be decided to hold the protection of a foreign language.

Per week before the diploma course in sjc is the order of admission of students to protect the final qualification work for three days – dissertations in printed form intertwined with the revocation of the head and reviews specialist. If the reviewer is not an employee of the university, its review shall be stamped the agency. Preparing a thesis to the defense, the student – a graduate student preparing a presentation (Report), visual information (charts, tables, graphs and other illustrative material) for use during the defense of sjc. The report should be designed for 10 minutes, it substantiates the relevance of the theme, called object and subject of study, formulated the goal and objectives, lists the methods of investigation, an analysis of the basic data obtained in the course of practical research and conclusions.

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