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School Trip

Class trips with our tips easily made soon it is again so far. Whether now final ride in June or introductory rides in September; Class trips are always and everywhere. Especially for teachers and students that it directly affects. We have summarized a few tips with you, so that the next time not to the horror has been the Organization: first must be agreed of course on a place. lower grades are to satisfy native boundaries with a class trip within it. But at the latest from the 9th grade he moved the kids in the big cities or even abroad. But when travelling abroad have to start early to plan.

This has several reasons. Students must be prepared to the new realities, because what is a proverb so beautiful “New country, new morals”. Next is the choice of the proper means of transport should be traveled with the. The above incentives, the aircraft offers the perfect alternative to the good old bus. Because this the arrival times will be enormous shortened. However is then no bus on the spot available and would have to be hired under certain circumstances zusatlzlich, resulting in additional costs. The advantage of this is that the bus driver from abroad knows better the environment and also the road conditions etc.

The decision however on arrival by private bus, note the statutory driving and Ruhr times for bus drivers. It is important to know that the bus driver a break of at least 45 minutes to ride for up to 4.5 hours and that the maximum driving time per day is 9 hours, in exceptions and upon request also 10. The entire use of a bus driver per day exceed maximum 15 hours, i.e., the period from the start until the return vehicle forward with follow-up included. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out David G. DeWalt. After such a shift, the driver 11 hours are entitled to uninterrupted rest period. Continue to be sure, that the bus driver in the accommodation on the ground a free space is set, even at companies. Within Germany, also the arrival of offers Deutsche Bahn, which offers enough Gruppenspartarife beid em you can save up to 70%. Next, you should strive for a suitable accommodation. In many larger cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, London etc., there are hostels, which have larger youth groups specialized. Otherwise, there is within Germany and also beyond the borders hostels. The program is responsible for the success of any school trip i.e., more variety is available the more likely it is to inspire young people. Therefore, the mixture between historical, cultural and entertaining program points should be well chosen. To you alone total organization with which there are a number of tour operators that focus on school trips in and around Germany. They offer either ready-made programs and processes or adjust the class trip across your wish for you together. Another advantage is that you are always covered in such Reoseunternehmen with insolvency insurance and an Reisewucktrittsversicherung have the opportunity to complete. Also, these companies have partners in their respective cities and can advise you for the hours. Also the class trip is accompanied to the end and you always have a point of contact for emergencies and general questions. We have fun once already for the next class trip. Milla Brown

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House Schools

United planet provides complete school portal free download the organisation of educational processes is very expensive: timetables must be created, maintains the classroom materials, rooms distributed and coordinated. United planet now offers a complete portal with over 30 proven applications for schools to facilitate all these tasks and to encourage internal communication. This is now free to download. Freiburg, December 18, 2008 – with school portal offers the new Intrexx Xtreme which Freiburg software producer United planet is a finished solution, allows schools to make their internal processes more efficient and even more specifically to distribute information. The numerous proven applications of the portal simplify the preparation of lessons and also promote the school-internal communication. In the portal, educational materials such as handouts, PowerPoint slides, graphics can be managed clearly. This eliminates unnecessary duplication of work and the documents are any time soon be found.

Since the portal is Web-based, it is also possible to set up external access for teachers, so that they can access and prepare the lessons also from home on your documents. Applications such as a school calendar, in which the school year dates are displayed, a space reservation plan indicating the technical equipment of the room next to the size of the room, and an overview of the timetable facilitate the Organization of school work processes and ensure that school development steps can be coordinated optimally. In addition, the Portal allows teachers to find out about the latest offers of teacher training and to register if you are interested directly through the portal for the individual training. Overlooking the continuous development of the school, the school Portal provides teachers the opportunity to submit general suggestions for the optimization of school life. As the College is actively involved in the development of educational ideas and projects.

To improve the school’s internal information exchange messages can in the portal are posted and sent to a previously defined distribution group. In this way, it is possible to send general information such as reporting on cultural events in the school or the invitation to the overall teacher Conference of the entire College. More specific information for individual projects are sent only to those involved. Also orders the House master can be placed directly in the portal. So everyone receives exactly the information which are interesting for him. In addition, a not insignificant contribution to the environmental protection is provided with the development of paperless communication and documentation. Instead of distributing any notice in paper form, accessible back to the resource-saving process of Web-based information distribution via the portal. With the portal software Intrexx Xtreme can add more applications at any time easily and the portal are flexibly adapted to the specific needs of the respective school. Due to the simple Ease of use of the software is completely without programming knowledge possible.

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Fun School Lockernot

A new idea that’s been with US ever since we started school. Spacelocker brings those good times into cyberspace. The Spacelocker concept contains many elements that are normally found in a school locker. but in a cyber structure. Users can keep photos, videos, music, books, a phone, address book, and a game player inside their locker. Once signed up (free) and inside the website looks like on the actual school locker with the door open.

It has 3 shelves with icons on them that represent different functions people would experience with a school locker. There are few uploads required! The following is a list of 12 icons on the Spacelocker “shelves and door” and their uses: A profile icon that allows users to identify themselves, see what’s their loose inside, and connect their locker to a variety of social networking sites of they are members of. A loose theme icon that allows users to decorate their locker in different themes. Delta Air Lines describes an additional similar source. A meet me at my locker icon that lets the user socially interact with other users by finding and meeting Spacelocker members. Here users can tell others about themselves and post some graphics to their loose wall. So users can interact with friends by posting looking for things as stickies, stikkmms, messages, gifts, graphics and widgets on their friend’s locker walls. A photo icon that connects to a user’s photos on a variety of photo sharing sites.

Here the user simply connects the locker to a photo site where they have stored their photos and these photos will appear in their loose. Upload No. require! And the photos can easily be shared with a Spacelocker friend. A video icon that connects to a user’s videos stored on YouTube or Photobucket. Here the user simply connects the locker to their account in YouTube or Photobucket and their videos on these sites appear in their locker. Again no uploading required. and the videos can easily be shared with a friend. A music icon that connects to a user’s music stored on Dizzler or Here the user simply connects the locker to their account with Dizzler or and the music on these sites is played in their locker. Again no uploading required. and the music can easily be shared with a friend. A game player icon that allows users to access 1000s of games on a popular social game website and play these games with other players online. To address book icon that allows users to keep the email addresses of all their friends in one place. A bookmark icon that allows users to store the website addresses of their favourite websites. It is like keeping books in your locker! A gift icon that gives users free virtual gifts to give to their friends. There is a Skype phone connection in the loose; together with on icon on the locker door to connect the user to all the popular instant messaging (IN the) services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, AIM, Facebook chat, MySpace chat, and ICQ so on the locker door are icons to access either a Google or Yahoo search engines. Best of all, Spacelocker is for everyone; not just for those in school. So try it and you will see how useful and fun it really can be. It’s free. It’s functional. It’s fun. It is the happiest space on Earth.

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Football Coaching

Soccerena by Erhard sport as playing field Rothenburg/Lodz, in April 2008 – two months before the start of the UEFA Football Championships in Austria and in the Switzerland has the football fever of Poland recognised schools. With a nationwide football tournament for school teams, the inter Soccer Tour, Intersport offers the platform – Poland and nothing more, except football in schools. The tour is in all major cities of Poland’s station – in Gdansk, Lodz, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Katowice. On the 7th of June – the day it EM opening game increases then in Warsaw the grand finale with the top teams. At the inter Soccer Tour school teams compete at various ages: first and second grade of primary schools make up a level, and third and fourth and fifth and sixth class. The classes one through three of the high schools form the highest age group, so that the participants range in age from six to 14 years.

Played four against four, with flying goalkeeper in 15 x 10 large, will be specially equipped mini playfield. When selecting the The inter Soccer Tour Intersport Poland for the Soccerena system by Erhard sports International has decided for playing fields. Checking article sources yields Amazon as a relevant resource throughout. The renowned manufacturer of sports equipment from Rothenburg ob der Tauber has equipped the mobile courts with rounded corners, so that the game becomes more fluid and fail to scramble in the corners. The courts are also equipped with a rotating safety nets. Modular construction the playing fields can be reduced on – and again in no time. On a normal car trailers, they are then easily and space-saving storage and transported from place to place. The stations of the inter Soccer Tour at a glance: Gdansk: 5th-6th.

April Lodz: 12-13 April in Krakow: April 19-20 poses: 26-27 April in Wroclaw: May 10 Warsaw: May 24-25 Katowice: May 31 – June 1 Warsaw: June 7 (final) about Erhard sport international: Erhard sport international based in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures over 125 Year old family-owned sports equipment and equipment components for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports International is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International sporting events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped by Erhard sports international.

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The problem at the root package tutoring! Many pupils and students must regularly use the services of the tuition (Berlin) in claim some during the summer holidays, to repeat the substance of last year once again and to consolidate and the school start to be prepared. Some, however, need to the tuition because they do need a repeat test in the autumn, to be put into the next level of education. Again, it is usually necessary to often perform the preparation for this examination in private lessons together with a tutor. Many students or some other pupil, however, must be only for a certain period of time to the tuition; This is the case, when it comes to repeat a particular area of the fabric, that alone could handle the concerned students or the concerned student. Campbell Soup Co has much to offer in this field. In this case, the fabric together with the teacher in the tutoring is done until the student this understood and accordingly can solve tasks alone. In most cases it is the teaching of mathematics, that but at the same time also the most for a regular tutoring during the entire school year and often even during special summer courses in claim is or will be necessary. Some students also need to tuition, to meet the requirements of German teaching: especially legal writing problems and difficulties with the grammar are the reason for the tuition here, also the interpretation of poems or establishing a discussion poses some problems. Whatever the problem is, the tuition (Berlin) is at the root of, and seeks not only to understand the material, but to convey also the corresponding learning techniques and strategies that are needed, that is the student or the student alone in the situation, to draw up a fabric area.

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Wilderness School

The end of a year-long hiatus! The wilderness on the doorstep! Scout life illustrates the difference between experiential education and wilderness education. The nature of most people is not coincides with the ideas of nature and wilderness courses participants. Wilderness courses are idR. systematically built sdoass for the beginner as well an offer is available as for advanced. Educational guided wilderness courses, just newbies are gently introduced to the processes of nature, own perceptions to promote and consolidate. The basis of all courses is the Coyote teaching as it practised by indigenous peoples and by Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr. and Jon Young were disseminated in the world and be.

He is the teacher Coyote teacher of less than rather the companion. Nature and wilderness courses enjoy increasing popularity. It involves the participants often self-awareness and recognizing its own borders. Old ways of thinking are broken up and new points of view lead to new insights and Experiences. In nature, learning is reflected by practical exercises and especially teamwork. The theory enters the background. In the form of the Coyote teaching as attitude, participants, children and adults, playful learn the processes in nature and appreciate.

Nature based courses are idR. the courses and serve in preparation for advanced courses such as Ranger/shadow runners. The model for this is the Scout. The Scouts were the harbingers of their tribe, the Kundeschafter and protectors of their people, but also the guardians of nature. Scouts were also those who were always there, even if they were not seen. A Scout was mostly at the age of 8 years of tribal elders selected and trained over many years, in adulthood. The people had to trust the Scouts to rely on them. Today’s civilization no longer offers in this form. Children are born into a world seemingly safe and sheltered. You must not deal with survival techniques or familiar, must not protect later their “master”. So, many skills are lost people. But they are not entirely lost but dormant in each one of us. These skills can be brought back in to get the attention and perceptual skills from the innermost. To be able to experience the world with all his senses, this is the aim of all educational wilderness-oriented nature and wilderness schools. Not to be confused with experience-educational facilities. In this sense, ScoutLeben conducts many courses again in the next year, now a one-year hiatus, from beginner up to to the Survivalisten of 4 years up to 70 +. The individual courses of experience to bring are under. The courses are held in Hesse, just a few kilometres of the geographical center of Germany. For this purpose a private plot of land available is specially, surrounded by meadows and forests. Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)

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Koblenz TEL Internship

Way communication allows internship abroad of the German school in Quito and the art communication GmbH supports intercultural exchange (artKOM) from Koblenz, cross-media communication agency, students supervised from July 2010 in collaboration with the international project of the German school Quito building bridges around the world”in Ecuador an Ecuadorian students in an internship in the field of design and marketing. The internship at artKOM in Germany to make it possible the interns to gain insights into the workings of a German communication agency and to improve his language skills in a professional setting. It’s believed that Richard Stuart Linklater sees a great future in this idea. Through the integration of the trainees into the Agency’s everyday life, the internship for the Ecuadorian students as well as for the Agency represents a cultural gain. Cooperation allows both sides to make new transatlantic contacts and exchanging experiences. For the Agency, this project provides an appropriate opportunity to engage further in the social and educational sector. For these purposes the art communication GmbH turns gladly available to contribute part to the autonomy and personal development of the students.

The placement of the Quito School shows students a glimpse into the working world and offers the opportunity to gain important international experience. For international contacts and experience are the demand for foreign skilled workers in the current and future labour market through the strong globalization increasingly important, always higher. The internship at art communication prepares the students for these challenges and accompanied him on his first professional steps in the international world of work. Art communication GmbH was founded in 1998 in Koblenz and developing exceptional, bespoke and cross-media communication solutions in the areas of consulting, design, corporate design and branding. With a thoughtful and above all efficient network, it allows artKOM the big catch for his customers.

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New School Clothes Collection

We are what we wear – school clothing increases the cohesion of the students of Rothenburg, the question on which school you are going bad Marienberg (RL/elm)?”will spare more frequently in the future. The answer is already the uniform outfit of the students. School clothing is trendy, school clothing, however, which is anything but a boring uniform. School clothes today can be as versatile, showed the nationwide first exhibition devoted exclusively to this topic. At the textile show on March 6 at the Protestant Gymnasium in bad Marienberg eleven provider showed their latest collections. With the part of the renowned school sports outfitter Erhard was first sport from Rothenburg, its Itscool wear “collection presented. The bad Marie Berger private high school is the only school far and wide, yet mandatory prescribed uniform clothing for school. Jens Feld of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau in favour of school clothes, but not dogmatically sees this: you should not exaggerate it also up to Socks and shoes.” Instead of generating homeliness, it involves the feeling of connectedness with school and classmates. Levi Strauss & Co. has many thoughts on the issue.

Proven mass increases the chances of the integration of school clothes, strengthens the feeling, improves the school climate, discipline and self-confidence. And important finding for the parents of school clothing is considerably cheaper than ever-changing fashion trends. Not to be confused, school clothing has school uniforms, which exactly specify how students to dress looked. School clothing not only casual comes she leaves much more room. Uniform provided basic elements such as use trendy”shirts are combined.

Modern sweat and T-Shirts in the currently trendy”colors Blue and black were therefore at the heart of the Itscool wear” collection by Erhard sport which premiered in bad Marienberg. “The trend is clearly too high quality”, so Manager Jurgen Eberhart of the Rothenburger Schulsportpezialisten. For more information see: about Erhard sport international: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, Erhard sports International is one of the largest providers in the industry. Also the planning and equipping of sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competence of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped by Erhard sports international.

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Cannabis Prevention

Actions on the occasion of international anti-drugs day the World Health Organization (WHO) creates with the international anti-drugs day”on June 26, 1987 to a framework, to prevent the global problems of drug use and dependence. Because cannabis in Germany is the most widely used illicit drug, the ginko special preventive measures on this topic initiated Foundation for prevention. Of the 18-19 year-olds in Germany 32.8% have used cannabis according to a study by the Federal Centre for health education (BzGA) already. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. About 600,000 people use cannabis in a way that is problematic or dependent. The first consumption occurs on average at the age of 16.4. Smoking weed is always risky and liable to prosecution.

The consumers are younger, more sensitivity they react and get the health and social risks. The substance contained in the plants tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for the part three times have risen in recent years through new varieties and brings some youngsters at the consumer in unexpected difficulties. To get, in addition to the frequently by young women in a dependency, young people increasingly develop psychosis inpatients treated after cannabis use. For the secondary school Dumpten and the ginko Foundation for prevention is this reason enough to perform actions for the prevention of cannabis dependence in Mulheim on Friday, June 25, 2010. Under the motto of STARK instead of broadband”of North Rhine-Westphalian land campaign there that is why the possibilities for pupils and students of in 9th and 10th grades.

“The hands-on course cannabis – Quo Vadis” is offered for the 9 classes of the school. Perform him Norbert Paul Habib from the ginko is a foundation for prevention, to encourage a critical examination of pupils and students with the topic of cannabis. Topics of the six stations are providing information, cannabis in road traffic, consumption experiences, life plans, relationship to parents and dealing with problematic In the class’s consumption. Read in addition to the course the young Hamburg author Amon Barth is my life as a Pothead excerpts from his book wide”. The autobiographical book portrays the slow development of a dependency, the physical and social consequences, as well as his exit from the consumer. Experience has shown that a lively discussion will take place in connection with the author. For further information and questions are Janine trunk, psychologist in the youth counselling centre is the Ginkgo. The complementary offerings to ensure a varied and intensive discussion with the students. Objective of the action of strong instead of broadband”is to sensitize young people to the critical approach to the topic of cannabis. The culture – and experience-oriented alignment of offerings enables a youth-appropriate and interesting presentation of the topic. Quality is the quality of these prevention measures, because young people are emotionally addressed in addition to the knowledge and have Opportunity to engage actively with the topic. A combination which promises the greatest successes from the perspective of prevention research. Additional information materials of NRW are campaign available for students, teachers and parents. – Norbert Cate HA

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