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The end of a year-long hiatus! The wilderness on the doorstep! Scout life illustrates the difference between experiential education and wilderness education. The nature of most people is not coincides with the ideas of nature and wilderness courses participants. Wilderness courses are idR. systematically built sdoass for the beginner as well an offer is available as for advanced. Educational guided wilderness courses, just newbies are gently introduced to the processes of nature, own perceptions to promote and consolidate. The basis of all courses is the Coyote teaching as it practised by indigenous peoples and by Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr. and Jon Young were disseminated in the world and be.

He is the teacher Coyote teacher of less than rather the companion. Nature and wilderness courses enjoy increasing popularity. It involves the participants often self-awareness and recognizing its own borders. Old ways of thinking are broken up and new points of view lead to new insights and Experiences. In nature, learning is reflected by practical exercises and especially teamwork. The theory enters the background. In the form of the Coyote teaching as attitude, participants, children and adults, playful learn the processes in nature and appreciate.

Nature based courses are idR. the courses and serve in preparation for advanced courses such as Ranger/shadow runners. The model for this is the Scout. The Scouts were the harbingers of their tribe, the Kundeschafter and protectors of their people, but also the guardians of nature. Scouts were also those who were always there, even if they were not seen. A Scout was mostly at the age of 8 years of tribal elders selected and trained over many years, in adulthood. The people had to trust the Scouts to rely on them. Today’s civilization no longer offers in this form. Children are born into a world seemingly safe and sheltered. You must not deal with survival techniques or familiar, must not protect later their “master”. So, many skills are lost people. But they are not entirely lost but dormant in each one of us. These skills can be brought back in to get the attention and perceptual skills from the innermost. To be able to experience the world with all his senses, this is the aim of all educational wilderness-oriented nature and wilderness schools. Not to be confused with experience-educational facilities. In this sense, ScoutLeben conducts many courses again in the next year, now a one-year hiatus, from beginner up to to the Survivalisten of 4 years up to 70 +. The individual courses of experience to bring are under. The courses are held in Hesse, just a few kilometres of the geographical center of Germany. For this purpose a private plot of land available is specially, surrounded by meadows and forests. Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)

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