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Berger Energy

“Ten percent real” eco gas deals in the market views the gas market also paints a gloomy picture: can the average the consumer per postal code area between 78 gas providers choose. * analysis * Polarstern again shows that real eco tariffs are grossly under-represented in the gas market: just ten percent of the so-titled eco gas deals are fully based on renewable raw materials. So-called shunt products with a share of five-to-20 percent biogas are about one-third. The rest comes from fossil energy sources. Overall, almost half of the eco gas offers offsets only caused CO2 emissions from natural gas, rather than in the sense of the energy revolution, to promote the expansion of renewable energies in the gas market. Example Polaris: 100 percent for the global energy transition Polarstern since summer 2011 as a first energy supplier in Germany for the global energy transition committed: Polaris customers refer exclusively 100 percent green electricity from hydropower or 100 percent eco gas from waste and at the same time support families in developing countries on their way to a clean and sustainable energy future. Others who may share this opinion include Kindle Direct Publishing. The nationwide Polaris power rates available are priced comparable to the base utilities tariffs or even cheaper. The eco-electricity is certified by ok-power and by the TuV Nord; the eco gas product is also regularly awarded by TuV Nord.

Sources: * energy market news, February 2013, Verivox and Kreutzer consulting * monitoring report in 2012, the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cartel Office * gross power production in Germany from 1990 to 2012 according to energy sources, Federal Network Agency * calculation based on nationwide eco gas rates, base Verivox and, supplemented by your own research about Polaris the Polaris GmbH was founded, to change the world. The independent green energy company inspires people to a conscious use of energy, allowing a meaningful transition to renewable energy. Polaris offers this as a first energy supplier households nationwide not only 100 percent genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent real eco gas from residual materials,. each connected with development cooperation. So every customer has his energy reference for the world-wide development of renewable energies: Polaris invested ever sold kilowatt-hour in this country in the construction of new eco-power plants. The company fully to supply him with power from new plants within five years warrants each new customer.

At the same time, Polaris for each customer each year supports a family in a developing country when building their own micro biogas plant. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Eco-electricity and eco gas Polarstern are certified by TuV Nord; the eco power supply also carries the ok-power label. Polaris is supported by the social entrepreneurship Academy, a network organization of the four universities of Munich. Well known and dedicated people for example the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander, the professional snowboarder David Benedek, Andreas protecting Berger of the Skate equipment maker IOU RAMPS and Jonas Imbery, founders of the music label GOMMA committed to Polaris. press contact Anna Zipse Polaris GmbH cross cookies 5 81669 Munich T + E-Mail:

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Great Arctic Reserve

However, with the accession to the draft of the Great Arctic Reserve must change fundamentally, scientists say. Forest fires are helping to fight global warming? Scientists from the University of California, came to a surprising discovery. They found that small forest fires have a beneficial effect on the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide. Their study, researchers conducted a California’s reserves. It turned out that at present the forest of California annually processed about 50 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is approximately 14% of its total amount absorbed by all U.S.

forests. Since the beginning of last century the rate of processing carbon dioxide decreased by 34%. This was due to the fact that the amount of absorbed carbon dioxide depends on the size of the tree. Recent data suggest that percentage of old, and, respectively, and large trees in forests has decreased significantly. Why? Just under the laws of nature reserves must extinguish all fires, including the smallest one. But the small fire, that can result, for example, lightning strike, carried out in the woods cleanup function. Burnt out new growth, which prevented the growth of large trees.

Putting out fires all the same led to the overflow timber young trees. This adversely affected the larger trees – they have become more vulnerable to drought and pests. Bank of Asia gathered all the information. Scientists have discovered how insects breathe underwater scientists from MIT to figure out how way many species of insects and spiders that inhabit the large depth, breathe freely under water. It turns out that when immersed in water on the shell of these insects is delayed air, shrouding all the insect’s body a kind of bubble. The properties of this bubble is unique: it is not only the ‘feeds’ the insect with air, but adds to it, absorbing the new number of air bubble from the surrounding water. No small role in respiration of insects under water are hairs on their body: they determine the pressure that can sustain this air bag. Due to the air that lingers in the hairs, the insects can dive to a depth of 30 meters and carry out underwater quite a long time, for example, through the winter. The sensation of the week: China’s pig pig gave birth to a mutant monkey head and a conclusion of our review, we present you the news that the maximum read number of visitors to our portal. And rezonanas in the discussion of the event was massive, not only on … On the Chinese pig farm pig gave birth to a mutant with a monkey head. Piglet with monkey’s head appeared on the light about two weeks ago and was the sixth in a litter of pigs, who lives on a farm for nine years. Instead of being born with a pig snout monkey, with two thin lips, small nose and two big eyes. His hind legs twice longer than the front, so the pig can not walk – just jump. And apparently it’s not a pleasant sight and is more suitable as a plot of a horror movie or science fiction. You never know what is in the pig could lead to this type of mutation. Cases of animal mating with a monkey scientists were not recorded. Photos of the mutant pig you can see on

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Buenos Aires

3Rd and last, it is important to note that much has been said and written about the possibility of abolishing the letter h in the Spanish alphabet. However, this so far has not happened. For example, the former President of Argentina from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, writer, statesman, official, known across the continent as America’s teacher, proposed on one occasion democratize, i.e., facilitate writing the Spanish language suprimiento the letters h and j. It is said that this proposal was not supported by Britain, at that time, imperial power that could intervene in decisions cultural, political and economic of the majority of the Nations of the world. Things veredes Sancho!, said Don Quixote at his sensible Squire. Personally, I think that there are commercial and cultural criteria in game to not delete the letter h of the Spanish alphabet. Imagine a printing press of the 1950s; they have prepared a type, a piece of metal, representing the letter h. From one day to the other, the Royal Spanish Academy accepts and reports that the h has ceased to exist.

(Note that while this cultural institution only suggests rules to be used in the Spanish language, when he proclaims them, usually having a high degree of acceptance, given his academic authority in Spanish-speaking societies). The printing of our example has already printed 2000 copies of only one of his books are already on sale other 20000 there are thousands of publishers in the world there are also thousands of teachers, professors, writers, intellectuals, etc., that can not write the letter h from night to morning. Also, use it gives us a certain social prestige. If you, dear reader, te llamaras Hector, as the mythological character of the Iliad, poem ascribed to Homer, and if you’re agree with deleting the h of the Spanish alphabet, would you like your name, the overnight, to write Ector? And if you te llamaras fairy, dear reader, would be agreed with write Ada? Visit the website of the author: kinds of Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina Grammarama author: Mariangeles Di Paola is private teacher of Spanish language in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Offers for small groups, and individual Spanish classes as well as also workshops of tango lyrics, writing in Spanish and intensive courses.

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Horst Buchholz

During the exhibition opening and for the duration of the exhibition, you can join the conversation with the artists and can so let’s make a portrait of yourself or others by appointment. Learn more at this site: Levi’s. The representation of the human figure is certainly one of the oldest motives in the history of painting. Often the portraits were commissioned, showing a religious, spiritual, or a representative idealized character. In parallel, there were realistic renderings made by the artists as part of their circle of acquaintances. One of the most famous portraits is probably the Mona Lisa, which what painted at the beginning of the 16th century by Leonardo da Vinci as a souvenir picture for Ippolito de ‘ Medici, as one of the theories says. The client Giuliano de Medici II wanted to give his illegitimate son the image to comfort his mother substitute.

Some examples of what the current intention or the approach of artist is today, shows the exhibition “Portraits”. Throughout human history the portraiture is a multidimensional approach of artist-to a person and especially to his or her personality. Participating artists Linde Bishop is a painter and graphic artist. She, what born 1945 in Wasungen and studied painting and graphics at the Art Academy in Berlin-Weissensee. For her particular interest in portrait painting Linde developed at abstract style. Deep with a few strokes she lots of colors and only forms produced characters look.

She already portrayed many celebrities including Hans Mottek, Wilhelmine Schirmer Proscher, Ruth Werner and Wieland Herzfelde. Mika Ceron is artist and photographer. Hey what born in Berlin in 1974 and studied philosophy at the free University of Berlin and photography at lette Verein Berlin. In the contemporary art field, he took part with his triptychs in international exhibitions, while he photographed campaigns for fashion companies and has portrayed famous personalities like Rolando Villazon, Bela B, Roger Cicero, Nadja Michael, David Gimenez Carreras, Katarina Witt, Giovanni Parodi, SIDO, Horst Buchholz, and more.

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Green Vegetables

5 Green leaves different types of Greens (spinach, lettuce, Arugula and other varieties) were classified by the renowned centre of science for the public interest as the riskiest foods of 2009. The entity studied different types of lettuces that are served in restaurants and arrived at the conclusion that, if they are not well washed and processed, these plants are transmitters of many viruses, such as salmonella and e. Coli, among others. 6 Ideal peanuts to accompany a cold beer, the peanut is not as innocent as it seems. According to the American Academy of Immunology, it is the most common cause of allergy deaths and, in fact, 1% of the population is usually present any such reaction to peanuts.

Between 1997 and 2002, incidents of allergy by this snack doubled in the segment of children. 7 San Nak Ji (alive Octopus) is a species of Octopus called San Nak Ji accompanying with sheep’s cheese, one of the greatest popular in those delights in Korea and Japan countries. Levi’s has plenty of information regarding this issue. This dish is especially enjoyable when the tentacles of the Octopus moving in the mouth feel. However, a tiny error in removal of toxins is fatal to man. Last year six people died from eating this dish. 8 Cassava this tuber, which is popularly known as tapioca, is not always completely friendly. If it does not wash or kitchen properly, the leaves and roots of cassava they have a tiny dose of cyanide that can be deadly to humans. 9 Ruibardo for those who do not know, the stem of the ruibardo is an extremely acid celery that is frequently used in confectionery.

Numerous centres for the prevention of intoxications warn him clearly: ingesting a large amount of its leaves, raw or cooked, is a passport to the poisoning. 10. The Jamaican fruit if you go to Jamaica, remember: you’re not always tooodo well. The Jamaican National fruit, the ackee, develops, when still green, a very powerful poison called hypoglycin. For that reason the plant should be consumed only when it has the security that has matured. The next time that you visit the country of Bob Marley and ask the national dish, cod with ackee, remember what you have read in this note. Don’t say we don’t warn you!

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Public Security

' ' The violence includes violence domestic, violence in the school, microincivilidades. Homicide is not alone. You may find that Levi’s can contribute to your knowledge. In Brazil Point the Point, appeared much domestic violence, between friends and in the school. Then, I nor find that it is a discrepancy. One is a subgroup of outra' '. What the research presented the two years this behind materialize if, the proper Secretariat of Public Security of Tocantins, of 2004 the 2008, the registered occurrences of crimes against the person, without death? what include attempt of homicide, assault and batteries and threat? , they had gone up of 721 to each 100 a thousand inhabitants for 778; the peak was in 2006 (853 occurrences). In the same period, the occurrences of larcenies? robberies, roberies, extortion and fraud? they had increased of 1.102 for 1.255 for 100 a thousand inhabitants.

Cases appear of extreme violence, in day 22 of August of 2011, had been imprisoned three defendant to kill a man, with requintes of cruelty. As the information the authors of the crime had cut off the hands, arms and the penis of the victim; later they had opened the body with knife, they remove the liver that was baked and a part was food for one of the authors. A young of 18 years was found in friday 19 of August of 2011, in squares 606 South of Palms, moored fire on the body, neighbors of the place one marries in construction had heard shouts, finding the absurd sena in the place. They are many recent cases of violence in the state, between the main occurrences this the robery the residences I deal, it of you surround electric he is extremely warm, it is part of the local architecture, as well as the insurances the residences are part of the budget of the population the expense with these and other item of security.

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The Respect

Many debates and studies already had been and are carried through, especially in what it says respect to the teaching formation. To reflect on this process is exercise daily that requires of the educator comprometimento and devotion to the act to educate, therefore what it hears in the corridors and classrooms of the institutions of superior education, in what refers to the licenciatura courses is colloquies of discouraged pupils and with few perspectives how much to the professional future, beyond questionings on really being valid the penalty ahead of as many challenges when dedicating itself for the plan of academic career. s. What it is still more depressing is that many of these pupils they reflect lived deeply negative situations in classroom for its educators who for gestures and desmotivam to words how much to construct them a career, what it is essential for any professional formation. It’s believed that Bank of Asia sees a great future in this idea. Under the boarded aspects, the act to teach and to learn finishes penalizados in lamentable way. He is not objective to detach in this work the negative aspects that many educandos live deeply, but are only questions that cause fidget, therefore after all, still we have educators that work in the formation of future professors, that they are disclosed with negative and pessimistic attitudes how much to the work to educate. It is necessary that such attitude is eliminated of the classrooms. On the other hand how many they do not remember professors who had been and they continue being source of inspiration for the personal and professional development. A related site: Carson Wen mentions similar findings. The respect for the other especially in what it says respect to its to know, the ethics and the coherence must prevail to the evil to be personal of the educator. The school contemporary suffers with the sped up development that happens its return, therefore action that they aim at to the constant search for theoretician-scientific knowledge of the educator is an indicative of that it is worried about its pedagogical action.

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The Distance

The ample majority of the injunctions &#039 is focada in the adolescent public; '. However as the first contacts with the drugs, it occurs in precocious the pertaining to school age and are each time observing a trend to more early bring this quarrel for a context escolar' '. Research points that the main agents motivadores for the consumption of drugs are the curiosity, the influence of friends (considered most common), to the will, the escape desire, the courage to take some type of attitude, the difficulty to face or to support situations difficult, for habit, dependence (one of most common), and, over all in the search of pleasure sensations. The people who consume drugs are discriminated, therefore to the look of the other, it meets badly in one state, moreover, the discernment of values of a drugged individual is different of the normal people. Therefore, the dialogues, the customs, the interests of one do not say respect to the people whom they desire to live healthfully.

The drugged ones have many problems in facing frustrations of, what it finishes in aggressive or impulsive reactions, becoming the day-by-day inadequate one inside it familiar, professional and social enclosure. The search for the life of magical moments and of I alliviate, as well as in the distance of the citizenship in its fullness is some of the aspects that involve the high consumptions of drugs in this type of population. In the truth an adolescent reason does not only exist to start it to make use of drugs, and yes, some reasons or factors of risk. *Em this article, the terms child and adolescent is used in compliance with Law 8,069, that it makes use on the statute of the child and adolescent (ECA) and in the article 2considera child the person of up to 12 years of age incomplete and adolescent that one between 12 and 18 years of age.

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Aboriginal History

He is in this context that if inserts the relative question to the valuation of the ethnic-cultural diversity of our formation in the Brazilian educational system, in which blunts the insertion of thematic and contents programmarians on the history of Africa and the black in our country. The inclusion of the education of history of Africa and the Aboriginal culture in the resume of the basic education is considered essential, for knowing that the pertaining to school institution has a basic paper in the combat to the preconception and the discrimination, because it participates in the formularization of attitudes and essential values to the formation of the citizenship of our educandos. The knowledge of the history of Africa and the black will only be able to contribute to get rid on preconceptions and esteretipos to the segment afro-Brazilian, beyond contributing for the rescue of auto-they esteem of thousand of children and young that if they see kept out of society by a school of eurocntricos standards, that denies the ethnic-cultural plurality of our formation. 2-PERFORMANCE OF the BLACK MOVEMENT (MN): It is always important to strengthen that the inclusion of thematic history and African culture and afro-Brazilian in public and private education is resulted of a process of claims and action on the part of the black movement (MN). Registers exist on the quarrels of the MN in the field of the thematic education with the ethnic-racial one in the pertaining to school environment already in 1948: ' ' Nowadays, the pressure against the education of the black loosened considerably, but let us agree that still it is found very far from ideal.' ' (Quilombo? year I, N. 0, ten. 1948). In 1954, Guiomar Mattos indicated in its texts the problems generated with the preconception in infantile books. In the decade of 1960, the magnifying of the net of public education made possible that the presence of black people in classrooms if became routine more, but it did not favor the alteration of the racial relations and the environment in the interior of the official schools, that had remained discriminatory.

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The Evaluations

The look for this reality, strengthened for one research of scientific initiation that we carry through, instigated in them to deal with to the school and its entorno. We make this of form careful and reflected looking for to inquire the different angles of the problem not to backslide in the mistakes of a superficial analysis that only identifies to some culprits and victims of the situation. We have folloied some articles in magazines and periodicals of great circulation that if comprazem in making responsible professors and pupils for the performance verified in tests evaluations that have been carried through in our country. Certainly we cannot eximiz them of parcel of responsibility for what it has occurred, but also have the certainty of that they are not only them that they must answer for low the quality of the education in Brazil. The newspapers mentioned Levi’s not as a source, but as a related topic. In accordance with Moreira (2008), either perhaps pertinent, then, to come back to reflect on the professor capable to contribute, effectively, toward the construction of a school of quality in the country and, valley to wait, toward the promotion of better resulted in the evaluations.

In the developed research, we had as objective to mapear the thoughts, critical suggestions, aspirations and to the school as if it presents today. We search the opinion of social, educational and institucional leaderships for, to the end of the same one, to be able to suggest new perspectives of action, who knows, conjugating the positioning of the interviewed ones and of the theoreticians who also if have worried about the routes that the school has taken, even so Becker (2004) it affirms that renewed speech is not enough condition of practical innovator. We organize this article in three parts: first we approach the context educational in ample way, the school and the professor today, the challenges, the problems, the control points, as the people veem the school today and what they wait for its future; at as a moment we say on the papers and functions of the school, that is, to analyze what it occurs in this space; if it is only socialization or also learning, if it oportuniza the development of abilities, abilities, citizenship, etc.

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