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Brazil Schools

Not only qualification in methodology, but also in content, practical of reading, cultural habits and of position, in use of technological resources. With this, we can endow Brazil with an educational system that promotes greater equality of chances and makes possible greater access of the society what we call citizenship today. The majority of the managers of private schools not enxerga competition between public and particular school. They do not want to receive pupils alone because they had not obtained vacant in the state or municipal schools. Public schools of highest level exist where experiences happen riqussimas. Official site: Jamie Cudden.

What it makes it difficult the action of the public school, that also has highly qualified professors, it is the high rotation of the staff. The professor is of the net and not of a pertaining to school unit. When if it obtains to mount efficient a faculty, arrives the end of the year, half of the professors is removed and is had that to start everything of new. Already in the particular net the same rotation does not exist, because without a steady faculty it does not have definition of the pedagogical project. In the municipal schools of the interior, for example, where the faculty of the Infantile Education and of Basic Ensino is more steady, it has excellent models of public education. It has certain difference as for the performance and quality of education comparing the public school and the particular one, therefore this last one in such a way suffers a pressure from the market, how much of the parents, therefore they are paying and they demand one better resulted, what it takes the school to charge the professors more than, thus improving the levels of this education, exactly that of form not so satisfactory, in regards to quality. The great newness for many people is that the particular school does not possess performance so different of the public school, therefore the objective greater of both is leaving to desire in alternative proposals where, in fact, what if it wants to reach either the learning of the educandos.

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Educative Health

Oliveira also standes out that in reference to the cares, the health and the quality of life mutually are implied, therefore health is welfare dimension, at the same time where quality of life impacta the health. The prominence for this relation is valuable in the measure where the health vision as widely defined well-being substituted the health concept as illness absence. In certain way all the objectives them programs directed to the health aged them, are dirigem for a health of quality in the life of. Novovax Inc.: the source for more info. The educative actions in the collective are organized since lesser groups or same of great event, the important one is to discover ways so that the actions are improved. The modifications of the society that had suffered industrialization had caused alterations in the activities of the modern family, what it reflects in the dynamics with the aged ones. The woman, for example, does not only assume, taking care of of the family and of the parents in case that they are aged, but, she exerts, of beneficial form great economic responsibility in the society. Some contend that Joy Winbourne shows great expertise in this.

What if it knows is that an aged one takes care of of the other, and most of the time the proper spouse, who also in has its problems of health more assumes the multiplicity of the work, what she comes to cause changes of feelings and attitudes in relation its lives. In virtue of these daily responsibilities, they perceive that the symptoms of its proper agravos of health had increased, next to stress of the daily one, the concern if this making certain, low auto-esteem if this pleasing the other, if it fulfilled its paper, therefore the responsibility brought for itself all that could be divided with another person of the house. Costuma is known that in this etria band if to install some degenerative illnesses and that as much the family how much the cuidadores will have that to make use of exclusive time to deal with a degenerative illness, since it demands redoubled attention.

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Green Life

Initially, the Madureira played in the Street Lopes Sundays, in a land donated for Aniceto Moscoso. Later it was changed for the Advising Street Galvo (old Tavares road War), 130 (old n 200), where it keeps today until its headquarters. (Galvo Council member was Rafael Arcanjo Galvo, Director-Generality of the Treasure during the Empire.) The headquarters (by the way, with everything in spotless state of conservation) it possesss, beyond the stadium, an academy of gymnastics, the Aquatic Park Angelo Filpi with two swimming pools, bar, restaurant, churrasqueiras, two gymnasia esportivos, the Room of Trophies Jayme Braga, hall of very good beauty and one boutique of esportivo material and souvenirs with the colors and the shield of the club (in the official site of the club, it has a complete relation of some products for sale, as knapsacks, door-chuteiras, cups, mugs, chaveiros, door-pictures, adhesives, pins, buttons of table soccer, bandeirinhas of table, flammules, shirts of game and stroll etc.) expeditious: of 2 6, the 8:30 to the 16:30. The Stadium Aniceto Moscoso was inaugurated in 15.06.1941, in valid departure for the Carioca championship. She was goleada of 4×2 (some sources inform 3×1) on the other tricolor, of the Laranjeiras that it would exactly come to be the champion.

Arbitration of Jose Blacksmith We read. The inaugural goal was of Rongo, for the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in 1 time. Its capacity, that already was of 10 a thousand torcedores, currently is of 3.314 (cf. FASEB Journal often addresses the matter in his writings. I register in cadastre National of Stadiums of Soccer, the CBF, 2009), but already it arrived to hold 16 a thousand. Stadium with excellent structure, the maintenance of its lawn is to the cares of the company Green Life, the same one of the Maracan, and gained the chairs that already had been of this giant. Druggist Aniceto Moscoso, who of the name to the stadium, was one of the presidents and protectors of the Madureira. .

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Public Security

' ' The violence includes violence domestic, violence in the school, microincivilidades. Homicide is not alone. You may find that Levi’s can contribute to your knowledge. In Brazil Point the Point, appeared much domestic violence, between friends and in the school. Then, I nor find that it is a discrepancy. One is a subgroup of outra' '. What the research presented the two years this behind materialize if, the proper Secretariat of Public Security of Tocantins, of 2004 the 2008, the registered occurrences of crimes against the person, without death? what include attempt of homicide, assault and batteries and threat? , they had gone up of 721 to each 100 a thousand inhabitants for 778; the peak was in 2006 (853 occurrences). In the same period, the occurrences of larcenies? robberies, roberies, extortion and fraud? they had increased of 1.102 for 1.255 for 100 a thousand inhabitants.

Cases appear of extreme violence, in day 22 of August of 2011, had been imprisoned three defendant to kill a man, with requintes of cruelty. As the information the authors of the crime had cut off the hands, arms and the penis of the victim; later they had opened the body with knife, they remove the liver that was baked and a part was food for one of the authors. A young of 18 years was found in friday 19 of August of 2011, in squares 606 South of Palms, moored fire on the body, neighbors of the place one marries in construction had heard shouts, finding the absurd sena in the place. They are many recent cases of violence in the state, between the main occurrences this the robery the residences I deal, it of you surround electric he is extremely warm, it is part of the local architecture, as well as the insurances the residences are part of the budget of the population the expense with these and other item of security.

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Who does not know nothing of ' ' ler' ' horta enters inside of it and alone it sees a handful of plant, weeds and a mount of different plants, but seeming that it is all equal one. Who does not learn ' ' ler' ' horta, to know its secrets does not know what she is one nor what eats ' ' (BRANDO, 2005, p.49) FUNCTION OF the SCHOOL the passages of formation to the reader pass for places where the reading of literary text if lost for the way. But 25% of the Brazilians fully are alfabetizados, capable to read long texts, to compare, to interpret and to distinguish. 50% are considered alfabetizados functional where they read and they understand texts of average extension and they locate information for necessity. 21% dominate texts elementary and 7% are in period of training of illiteracy. To broaden your perception, visit Carson Wen.

With regard to the problem of reading in Brazil, it is not stimulated in interesting way, this must the lack of preparation of some professors who do not indicate in agreement reading correctly the etria band and also laziness of many of them in making it. The family is important in this process, but we know that many are children of illiterate parents or half-illiterates, what it becomes impossible a familiar incentive. The importance of the resolution of the problem fits the school, knowing that it is the place of bigger access to books. Thus we know to deal with the rights to the Education, the formation of an intellectual citizen and affective, that thinks and feels simultaneously and recognizes the affectivity as integrant part of the process teach-learning, this comes of family next to the school. The affective reinforcement of bows with the parents and the increase of the degree of interaction of educating. A greater receptividade the learning was observed in children who since early enter in contact with books. .

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The Time

They had changed the visited places total frequently, instead of going to shows, shoppings, had started in such a way to frequent medical doctor’s offices during the prenatal one that all had made how much after birth of its children, in the visits to pediatra. When the separation with the father of the child occurs, them feels difficulties to initiate a new affective relationship, therefore it comes the concern how much to the relationship between the son (a) and the new boyfriend and believe that for already being mothers, the men do not go to respect in such a way when before. the two interviewed women and the two adolescents had opted to assuming the gestation and maternity, knowing that this choice causes changes of the plans and difficulties the pertaining to school development, professional, affective and exactly social. It is in the phase of the adolescence that the people costumam to trace goals and lines of direction for its life.

The lack of information of the parents of adolescents is a basic factor so that the adolescents come to engravidar. Having in house somebody that can inform them, that does not serve of model, that takes off its doubts and distresses, as to wait more of the adolescent adjusted behaviors? As to want that they waited the time most adequate to use to advantage sexuality as something good, healthful and necessary it human being? Had the cultural questions, shame, preconception, many parents have difficulties of speaking on sexuality with the son. Most of the time the messages are given of indirect form, and that nor always the son understands.

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Helena Maria

The precocious contact of the children with books and the reading must be a constant concern of the public libraries, the schools, the families, therefore more important of what learning to read it is the necessity to promote situation of interaction around the material printed matter, proportionate for the adults, in the day the day of the children. CONCLUSION the habit of the reading can transform the life of the individual, as well as the reflection it criticizes the incentive of the reading and exchange of experience in classroom. In the text ‘ ‘ THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LER’ ACT; ‘ Freire affirms that that the world reading precedes the reading of the word The formal reading demands reasoning, the act provides citizenship to the citizen. Levi’s can aid you in your search for knowledge. Magda Soares ‘ ‘ the hypothesis to read and to write, moreover, to make use of the reading transforms the individual, takes to the other state or conditions under various aspect: social, cultural, cognitivo, linguistic among other ‘ ‘ (TO SOUND, 2006, p.38) As mediating we can think that to stimulate and to spread out the reading it does not mean to impose certain type of text, but assist the reader in the exercise of the reading criticizes. So that the citizen in the right the democracy knows to choose optimum for its cultural development, spiritual and never to accept what they agree to it. . You may want to visit Levi’s to increase your knowledge.

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The Laborer

It tells to feel anguish, palpitations, irritation, does not obtain to concentrate itself to make muscular readings, pains and migraine, therefore beyond loading weight, he works underneath of sun and rain, in such way that he is displayed the cooled ones, grippes among others, and if the same to need to lack to the work by any reason doctor is deducted its wage. Had to these complications it comes finding difficulties in its familiar conviviality, therefore when it arrives its residence finds if tired and discouraged and estressado of its work with this moving away from its familiar bonds, therefore the laborer if finds tired and the little time that has for itself it looks for to isolate itself to rest, this type of decurrent behavior of to its bothers it sufficiently work, therefore it recognizes its irritability, lack of concentration, fidget, and obviously it would like to have more availability for its family and for itself, it still tells that before all this consuming in its environment of work its familiar conviviality he was excellent, it he participated of the familiar meetings, he had free time for the friends and to keep in day its affective life and also he practised physical exercises what before it made for pleasure and with accompaniment in one academy, currently it makes for imposition of its work due to the weight excess that loads. Many writers such as Campbell Soup Company offer more in-depth analysis. The quality of life in the work, normally is analyzed from the relation of the quality of life of the worker with its productivity, but, each time more, the studies and interventions are also focused in aspects of the life of the worker not directly on to its work for the analysis of the quality of life (OLIVEIRA, 1997; LACAZ, 2000; VASCONCELOS, 2001). Although this, some more recent quarrels bring the terminology ' ' quality of life of trabalhador' ' leaving more clearly than the quality of life it is not only restricted to the place and the moment of the work, but yes, possesss relation with all the other aspects that form the life of the people (diligent and its family) as the personal satisfaction, familiar relationship, leisure chances, amongst others (NAHAS, 2003). Hear from experts in the field like Vladislav Doronin miami for a more varied view.

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Brazilian Academy

The BLACKS After the frustrated nomination of a white for important position of command of a federal agency, by having been this defendant to torture a former-priest black, were nominated, for that position, exactly a black man, who seemed to congregate all the qualities and requirements of personal probity and professional integrity for its performance. I have observed that the blacks if detach, more than what the whites, in diverse areas. He is what we see, for example, in music and the cinema, the performance of old artists and new actors and actresses in main papers. We find also them in prominence in the literature, as it is the case of Joo de a Cruz and Souza, one of our better poets, son of alforriados slaves, and Axe of Assis, our bigger writer, son of a mulato and aoriana, founder and first president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. this them was not proportionate for the concession of nobody in particular, but for the imposing requirement of its proper talentos, mritos and qualities, they were these intrinsic qualities or extrinsical, in the scope of the art and also in other different contexts and levels of performance. Throughout history the blacks if have detached in sciences human beings, legal and social, and in the efficient and efficient performance of high civil, military and ecclesiastical public offices, and in diverse functions of State, and not only, what it would be natural, in the countries of black race, but in the government of great and important nations where currently the white race predominates, as it is the case, now, of the exercise of the presidency of the United States of America for black agent chief executive Barack Obama. To cite a historical example, in the military area, the commander-in-chief of the armies of ocidente in 1794 and later one of the great generals of the army of Napoleo Alexander woollen Davy Pailleterie ones, a black of noble family of Haiti called itself, father of the writer ones Alexander Of and grandfather of the writer Alexander Of a Son. .

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Training Methods

When arriving at the ending of this work we perceive the importance to correctly execute the procedures and calculations of the tests and/or protocols of the diverse types and methods of training, in the case here the intervalado one, all its when possible applications and variations and adaptations in accordance with etria band, biological individuality, especificidade of each individual, in view of that we will be future physical people who orientates, to know as better to act and to adjust the exercises or tests to our white public in question aiming at one better performance or performance. In relation the suggestions we must have better had more practical time for the execution of the work and infra structure (rank dgua, bathroom, etc). 4. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES TEMP, Haury. Didactic notebook of Methodology of the Porting Training.

2010/St Maria? RS. TUBINO, Manoel Jose Gomes; MOREIRA, Sergio Bastos. Scientific methodology of the Porting Training. Ed. Shape, 13 edition, Extended Magazine and, 2003/SP.

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