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Brazilian Academy

The BLACKS After the frustrated nomination of a white for important position of command of a federal agency, by having been this defendant to torture a former-priest black, were nominated, for that position, exactly a black man, who seemed to congregate all the qualities and requirements of personal probity and professional integrity for its performance. I have observed that the blacks if detach, more than what the whites, in diverse areas. He is what we see, for example, in music and the cinema, the performance of old artists and new actors and actresses in main papers. We find also them in prominence in the literature, as it is the case of Joo de a Cruz and Souza, one of our better poets, son of alforriados slaves, and Axe of Assis, our bigger writer, son of a mulato and aoriana, founder and first president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. this them was not proportionate for the concession of nobody in particular, but for the imposing requirement of its proper talentos, mritos and qualities, they were these intrinsic qualities or extrinsical, in the scope of the art and also in other different contexts and levels of performance. Throughout history the blacks if have detached in sciences human beings, legal and social, and in the efficient and efficient performance of high civil, military and ecclesiastical public offices, and in diverse functions of State, and not only, what it would be natural, in the countries of black race, but in the government of great and important nations where currently the white race predominates, as it is the case, now, of the exercise of the presidency of the United States of America for black agent chief executive Barack Obama. To cite a historical example, in the military area, the commander-in-chief of the armies of ocidente in 1794 and later one of the great generals of the army of Napoleo Alexander woollen Davy Pailleterie ones, a black of noble family of Haiti called itself, father of the writer ones Alexander Of and grandfather of the writer Alexander Of a Son. .

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Training Methods

When arriving at the ending of this work we perceive the importance to correctly execute the procedures and calculations of the tests and/or protocols of the diverse types and methods of training, in the case here the intervalado one, all its when possible applications and variations and adaptations in accordance with etria band, biological individuality, especificidade of each individual, in view of that we will be future physical people who orientates, to know as better to act and to adjust the exercises or tests to our white public in question aiming at one better performance or performance. In relation the suggestions we must have better had more practical time for the execution of the work and infra structure (rank dgua, bathroom, etc). 4. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES TEMP, Haury. Didactic notebook of Methodology of the Porting Training.

2010/St Maria? RS. TUBINO, Manoel Jose Gomes; MOREIRA, Sergio Bastos. Scientific methodology of the Porting Training. Ed. Shape, 13 edition, Extended Magazine and, 2003/SP.

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Biological Sciences

This proposal is affirmed in Minayo (2007, P. 52) that, ' ' … the questioning is that it allows in them to exceed the simple discovery for, through the creativity, to produce conhecimento' '. Such thought is corroborated through the author above cited, with Trivios (1987, p.146), when it speaks that, the half-structuralized interview ' ' … at the same time where it values the presence of the investigator, offers the possible perspectives so that the informing reach the necessary freedom and the espontaneidade enriching investigao' ' ; e, also, with the intention to get resulted more complete of the vision of the interviewed one was used of writing you say of them at the moment of interview, enclosing 70% of the interviewed ones, what it prevented to run risks of alterations of the information. How much to the criterion of election of the interviewed ones, we opt to the academics of greater and of lesser age; independent to be of the masculine or feminine sex; which they had totalized in (seven); – (abstaining one of the Course of Biological Sciences, reason ahead explained) – of the last year of each Course of Licenciatura and Pedagogia, and the universe of this research overwhelmd it the Guairac College, in reason of being only ' ' Particular&#039 institution; ' that it offers such Graduation, that is, in Courses of Licenciatura, the city of Guarapuava, Paran. In relation to the analysis of the collected data that had subsidized in them in the elaboration of this Work of Conclusion of Course, we use the proposal of Minayo author (2007, p.77) called of ' ' method dialtico' '. Such proposal in provides a globalizante vision to them, searching to consider and to detach some aspects that involve the study object, therefore in say respect to them the two levels of interpretation: one to ' ' partner-economic conjuncture and politics of which it is part the social group to be studied; history and the politics that if grupo&#039 relates to this; '.

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