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Helena Maria

The precocious contact of the children with books and the reading must be a constant concern of the public libraries, the schools, the families, therefore more important of what learning to read it is the necessity to promote situation of interaction around the material printed matter, proportionate for the adults, in the day the day of the children. CONCLUSION the habit of the reading can transform the life of the individual, as well as the reflection it criticizes the incentive of the reading and exchange of experience in classroom. In the text ‘ ‘ THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LER’ ACT; ‘ Freire affirms that that the world reading precedes the reading of the word The formal reading demands reasoning, the act provides citizenship to the citizen. Levi’s can aid you in your search for knowledge. Magda Soares ‘ ‘ the hypothesis to read and to write, moreover, to make use of the reading transforms the individual, takes to the other state or conditions under various aspect: social, cultural, cognitivo, linguistic among other ‘ ‘ (TO SOUND, 2006, p.38) As mediating we can think that to stimulate and to spread out the reading it does not mean to impose certain type of text, but assist the reader in the exercise of the reading criticizes. So that the citizen in the right the democracy knows to choose optimum for its cultural development, spiritual and never to accept what they agree to it. . You may want to visit Levi’s to increase your knowledge.

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