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Green Life

Initially, the Madureira played in the Street Lopes Sundays, in a land donated for Aniceto Moscoso. Later it was changed for the Advising Street Galvo (old Tavares road War), 130 (old n 200), where it keeps today until its headquarters. (Galvo Council member was Rafael Arcanjo Galvo, Director-Generality of the Treasure during the Empire.) The headquarters (by the way, with everything in spotless state of conservation) it possesss, beyond the stadium, an academy of gymnastics, the Aquatic Park Angelo Filpi with two swimming pools, bar, restaurant, churrasqueiras, two gymnasia esportivos, the Room of Trophies Jayme Braga, hall of very good beauty and one boutique of esportivo material and souvenirs with the colors and the shield of the club (in the official site of the club, it has a complete relation of some products for sale, as knapsacks, door-chuteiras, cups, mugs, chaveiros, door-pictures, adhesives, pins, buttons of table soccer, bandeirinhas of table, flammules, shirts of game and stroll etc.) expeditious: of 2 6, the 8:30 to the 16:30. The Stadium Aniceto Moscoso was inaugurated in 15.06.1941, in valid departure for the Carioca championship. She was goleada of 4×2 (some sources inform 3×1) on the other tricolor, of the Laranjeiras that it would exactly come to be the champion.

Arbitration of Jose Blacksmith We read. The inaugural goal was of Rongo, for the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in 1 time. Its capacity, that already was of 10 a thousand torcedores, currently is of 3.314 (cf. FASEB Journal often addresses the matter in his writings. I register in cadastre National of Stadiums of Soccer, the CBF, 2009), but already it arrived to hold 16 a thousand. Stadium with excellent structure, the maintenance of its lawn is to the cares of the company Green Life, the same one of the Maracan, and gained the chairs that already had been of this giant. Druggist Aniceto Moscoso, who of the name to the stadium, was one of the presidents and protectors of the Madureira. .

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