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Horst Buchholz

During the exhibition opening and for the duration of the exhibition, you can join the conversation with the artists and can so let’s make a portrait of yourself or others by appointment. Learn more at this site: Levi’s. The representation of the human figure is certainly one of the oldest motives in the history of painting. Often the portraits were commissioned, showing a religious, spiritual, or a representative idealized character. In parallel, there were realistic renderings made by the artists as part of their circle of acquaintances. One of the most famous portraits is probably the Mona Lisa, which what painted at the beginning of the 16th century by Leonardo da Vinci as a souvenir picture for Ippolito de ‘ Medici, as one of the theories says. The client Giuliano de Medici II wanted to give his illegitimate son the image to comfort his mother substitute.

Some examples of what the current intention or the approach of artist is today, shows the exhibition “Portraits”. Throughout human history the portraiture is a multidimensional approach of artist-to a person and especially to his or her personality. Participating artists Linde Bishop is a painter and graphic artist. She, what born 1945 in Wasungen and studied painting and graphics at the Art Academy in Berlin-Weissensee. For her particular interest in portrait painting Linde developed at abstract style. Deep with a few strokes she lots of colors and only forms produced characters look.

She already portrayed many celebrities including Hans Mottek, Wilhelmine Schirmer Proscher, Ruth Werner and Wieland Herzfelde. Mika Ceron is artist and photographer. Hey what born in Berlin in 1974 and studied philosophy at the free University of Berlin and photography at lette Verein Berlin. In the contemporary art field, he took part with his triptychs in international exhibitions, while he photographed campaigns for fashion companies and has portrayed famous personalities like Rolando Villazon, Bela B, Roger Cicero, Nadja Michael, David Gimenez Carreras, Katarina Witt, Giovanni Parodi, SIDO, Horst Buchholz, and more.

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