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Cannabis Prevention

Actions on the occasion of international anti-drugs day the World Health Organization (WHO) creates with the international anti-drugs day”on June 26, 1987 to a framework, to prevent the global problems of drug use and dependence. Because cannabis in Germany is the most widely used illicit drug, the ginko special preventive measures on this topic initiated Foundation for prevention. Of the 18-19 year-olds in Germany 32.8% have used cannabis according to a study by the Federal Centre for health education (BzGA) already. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. About 600,000 people use cannabis in a way that is problematic or dependent. The first consumption occurs on average at the age of 16.4. Smoking weed is always risky and liable to prosecution.

The consumers are younger, more sensitivity they react and get the health and social risks. The substance contained in the plants tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for the part three times have risen in recent years through new varieties and brings some youngsters at the consumer in unexpected difficulties. To get, in addition to the frequently by young women in a dependency, young people increasingly develop psychosis inpatients treated after cannabis use. For the secondary school Dumpten and the ginko Foundation for prevention is this reason enough to perform actions for the prevention of cannabis dependence in Mulheim on Friday, June 25, 2010. Under the motto of STARK instead of broadband”of North Rhine-Westphalian land campaign there that is why the possibilities for pupils and students of in 9th and 10th grades.

“The hands-on course cannabis – Quo Vadis” is offered for the 9 classes of the school. Perform him Norbert Paul Habib from the ginko is a foundation for prevention, to encourage a critical examination of pupils and students with the topic of cannabis. Topics of the six stations are providing information, cannabis in road traffic, consumption experiences, life plans, relationship to parents and dealing with problematic In the class’s consumption. Read in addition to the course the young Hamburg author Amon Barth is my life as a Pothead excerpts from his book wide”. The autobiographical book portrays the slow development of a dependency, the physical and social consequences, as well as his exit from the consumer. Experience has shown that a lively discussion will take place in connection with the author. For further information and questions are Janine trunk, psychologist in the youth counselling centre is the Ginkgo. The complementary offerings to ensure a varied and intensive discussion with the students. Objective of the action of strong instead of broadband”is to sensitize young people to the critical approach to the topic of cannabis. The culture – and experience-oriented alignment of offerings enables a youth-appropriate and interesting presentation of the topic. Quality is the quality of these prevention measures, because young people are emotionally addressed in addition to the knowledge and have Opportunity to engage actively with the topic. A combination which promises the greatest successes from the perspective of prevention research. Additional information materials of NRW are campaign available for students, teachers and parents. – Norbert Cate HA

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