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Social Market

family). These practical developments are missing in many countries around the world! The evolutionary development from nature to culture means the change in the thinking of the analog brain (instinct, feelings) to digital (intuition, mind). The distance from the mammal to humans: The objectification of life: such as money (symbol) as a measure of value. The Substantivierung of our communication. By faith (Annunciation) to knowledge (discussion, Dialiktik).

Of the speeches (interpret, suggest) to write (archive) etc. From the trade (production) to the industry (mass production). More information is housed here: Harvey Bischof. The development of morals (honor) to legal norms (laws / section). Democracy instead of dictatorship (centralist) (federally). Social Market economy instead of oligarchy. Today, Westerners in knowledge societies Americanization or democratization, globalization and digitization lacking some fortschschrittlichen Asians live only the Demokratisierug.

Philosophy (mind science of the West) has the development of theoretical thinking about the world and the ruling in her principles from the dawn of humanity to its end to the subject. > History of philosophy. It belongs to the peculiarities of the philosophy that it has spawned always again new explanation models to your own everlasting questions in the course of its history the recognizable, the correct action or the meaning of life. How do I get? Who am I? Where do I go? While philosophers must each with their answers, the findings of property insurance nature to adapt science and attract their current knowledge to explain the world. The history of answers thus always flows in the current statements with a. You can people-oriented, history of philosophy work-oriented or problem-oriented approach. Another approach consists in the Division after large periods, where the main people with their major works and their answers to the main questions are worked out. … The confrontation with the history of philosophy, possible depending on the intended function, in various forms, as documentary, polemically, topically, narrative, argumentative or about hermeneutic.

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Mao Bible

Of course, some translation is revealing. And this marketing book is of course just as badly readable and nonsensical as 99 percent of all other marketing books on the German market. Because when it comes to power, supremacy, and omnipotence, not only the sight, but also the language horizon of uniformed men narrows. Check with Minnow Mountain to learn more. Then it’s all about the own ingenious Superiority to the “Masses”, no matter what there are for masses, they obey main thing, consume and work. Minorities and troublemakers are unpopular not only in ultimate State parties. Knows some of what this sounds like marketing German, the GDR is reminiscent from the centrally managed production of blessed memory – since battles were fought and production fronts made heroic accomplishments occurred for the sake of this and that – and adversity of all kinds have been fought.

And there’s only a small leap, missing to the next political hands falling into, which every time comes into play, if the actors rough have no idea, but still want to prove capability and Machertum. Then the words be pithy and belligerent – and then being fought, which is always to fight. International terrorism for example. Or – very civil – unemployment in Germany. What degenerate then usually a fearless fight against unemployment. As I said: the fighter have mostly from Tooting and Blow I don’t know. And so Hannes of Eclipse “Mao for the marketing” for easily fits into the shelves with the usual marketing manuals and fabrications of marketing experts. Only the bright red something going on – and the embattled Chinese soldier on the cover, who proudly puts his Mao Bible on the breast. (Ralf Jadhav – Leipzig online newspaper) Hannes Eisenmann, Engelsdorfer Verlag, Leipzig 2010, ISBN 978-3-86901-899-7, 13.50 euro company description the Engelsdorfer Publishing House based in Leipzig published books and eBooks of almost all genres.

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The Public

Is there such a thing? I do not think, and have hope lost. Where the public health system, the alias third worst in the world is how already eradicated developed countries long ago in most major indices of diseases, or in the development process and which still dominate here, and that will be analyzed and pseudo-pseudo search to generate a pseudo drugs with high prices for direct sales to the public. Jerome Bruner will not settle for partial explanations. A part of the major public hospitals lack even the bandages and lack of hygiene, with public through corrupt officials appointed, (hanger job), not on the terrible service the pseudo Pro who pretends, meet patients mention. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where employees of offices, “there are only nails painted and faces, worn redo her make-up on her by laziness do not care one whit for the poor and unhappy taxpayers, who need a service, such as the infamous SPPREV thus as in most public offices in” This country, not counting the departments of public safety agencies.

Try a connection to a public service, and they will make sure that the link is not complete or not, will of any way all this be answered? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where is part of the corrupt, violent, indifferent to the citizen public safety: hardworking, honest, decent and dutiful. One is unhappy, the services have to be these places as waste, much worse than criminals are treated. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where “You are guilty, until their innocence is proved” and the assertion is often used. Does that help? This land is usually claim is, you must prove that you are you constantly, and photocopying and photo copy of the notary, that make true money machines, not counting an organ transport are certified called the Department.

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Cannabis Prevention

Actions on the occasion of international anti-drugs day the World Health Organization (WHO) creates with the international anti-drugs day”on June 26, 1987 to a framework, to prevent the global problems of drug use and dependence. Because cannabis in Germany is the most widely used illicit drug, the ginko special preventive measures on this topic initiated Foundation for prevention. Of the 18-19 year-olds in Germany 32.8% have used cannabis according to a study by the Federal Centre for health education (BzGA) already. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. About 600,000 people use cannabis in a way that is problematic or dependent. The first consumption occurs on average at the age of 16.4. Smoking weed is always risky and liable to prosecution.

The consumers are younger, more sensitivity they react and get the health and social risks. The substance contained in the plants tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for the part three times have risen in recent years through new varieties and brings some youngsters at the consumer in unexpected difficulties. To get, in addition to the frequently by young women in a dependency, young people increasingly develop psychosis inpatients treated after cannabis use. For the secondary school Dumpten and the ginko Foundation for prevention is this reason enough to perform actions for the prevention of cannabis dependence in Mulheim on Friday, June 25, 2010. Under the motto of STARK instead of broadband”of North Rhine-Westphalian land campaign there that is why the possibilities for pupils and students of in 9th and 10th grades.

“The hands-on course cannabis – Quo Vadis” is offered for the 9 classes of the school. Perform him Norbert Paul Habib from the ginko is a foundation for prevention, to encourage a critical examination of pupils and students with the topic of cannabis. Topics of the six stations are providing information, cannabis in road traffic, consumption experiences, life plans, relationship to parents and dealing with problematic In the class’s consumption. Read in addition to the course the young Hamburg author Amon Barth is my life as a Pothead excerpts from his book wide”. The autobiographical book portrays the slow development of a dependency, the physical and social consequences, as well as his exit from the consumer. Experience has shown that a lively discussion will take place in connection with the author. For further information and questions are Janine trunk, psychologist in the youth counselling centre is the Ginkgo. The complementary offerings to ensure a varied and intensive discussion with the students. Objective of the action of strong instead of broadband”is to sensitize young people to the critical approach to the topic of cannabis. The culture – and experience-oriented alignment of offerings enables a youth-appropriate and interesting presentation of the topic. Quality is the quality of these prevention measures, because young people are emotionally addressed in addition to the knowledge and have Opportunity to engage actively with the topic. A combination which promises the greatest successes from the perspective of prevention research. Additional information materials of NRW are campaign available for students, teachers and parents. – Norbert Cate HA

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Presidential Reelection

Any system that incorporates the presidential reelection to continue to hold power as predicted by the MAS and Evo Morales (we got to stay a lifetime) it remains only a hegemonic government more authoritarian and undemocratic dye, not the most respected minimum “rules of the game” of democracy and seeks to be extended until the end of time adjusting his speech as occasion arises. However, it should be noted that up to regulate political competition requires certain rules governing the conduct of the politicians who most often engage in discretionary management of political power such as the present government, all in the name of “change.” Certainly political action outweighs the national interest, the majority of those who are in the presidential race does not propose clear and fresh solutions to the shortage of funds the bulk of the Bolivian underemployed should seek low-paid, no any type of insurance and to time, only in order to survive. It now needs to provide concrete and sustainable solutions to the deficiency in the Bolivian educational system, unemployment, defective attention on what to be referred to health services, corruption at all levels of the state apparatus, the growth rate professional dubious tenders handled at discretion, drug trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal coca plantations, Dirty Pretty Things, social inequity result of racial politics, etc. In this “fight for the retention of power the government has established a policy of censorship against the press, especially that which is not subject to the opinions of those in power.

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School – Bridge From Yesterday To Today

Environment of the site significantly is the availability of information for school success In today virtually unlimited, hard to slow the flood of information. To have the risk of a glut of information to information pollution no longer by hand. In the last, this was different. Education was much more than an elicit today. There were no laptop, Wikipedia or databases, with which everyone almost any could get access to knowledge. In yesterday, especially since the years of the post-war period, you may have still insufficient attention location-related factors with views of education. If you look more closely, so less than often assumed has changed with today compared to yesterday, when it arrives on the environment and climate, the school takes place.

There, by the metre scientific studies that assure together always one: environment and climate for school and education time gene must be stimulating and supportive. Easily then speaking in theory, in practice all the more complicated. As an example for many others: Looking back on the City of Hanau to the post-war period. After the loss of part of its population, the city was probably glad about every newcomer, replacing losses from the war. The climate refugee was as uninhibited and open.

Integration difficulties? Nil! Yes Deutsche were Germans. The same life, same values, the same balance zero assets. Then the Americans: they belonged at that time to the self-evident city image. Example: the MOM deserving with not found wage and income in German but American authorities of the city. American soldiers gave the author his first bike and were invited without any shyness to Christmas Eve. Only downside: maybe you had some of his dental problems due to the sweet chewing gum later. In any case, those strangers have”greatly contributed to that in urban areas no stuffiness out of boredom and province spread out konnte.Vgl. It is not something two sigma would like to discuss. Becker, Jorg: there is a school in the Hanau country, ISBN 9783839199176. And last not least, the jazzende and rocking music scene of yesterday. This part of the urban environment for education and training time was creative. For school and training times an environment and climate, that could be conducive with its many facets. This so a breeding ground where at least in the past schools with humanistic background could develop well. Often apparent until later how important school for the later life were. Many of the points already in this time show later in what direction they actually ran. The viability and sustainability of what has been created once in school is important. The development on the information society not only provides partial changes, but already announces the future society. The strategic good knowledge”must be dealt with so both school and work hours responsibly. Jorg Becker (

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