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Presidential Reelection

Any system that incorporates the presidential reelection to continue to hold power as predicted by the MAS and Evo Morales (we got to stay a lifetime) it remains only a hegemonic government more authoritarian and undemocratic dye, not the most respected minimum “rules of the game” of democracy and seeks to be extended until the end of time adjusting his speech as occasion arises. However, it should be noted that up to regulate political competition requires certain rules governing the conduct of the politicians who most often engage in discretionary management of political power such as the present government, all in the name of “change.” Certainly political action outweighs the national interest, the majority of those who are in the presidential race does not propose clear and fresh solutions to the shortage of funds the bulk of the Bolivian underemployed should seek low-paid, no any type of insurance and to time, only in order to survive. It now needs to provide concrete and sustainable solutions to the deficiency in the Bolivian educational system, unemployment, defective attention on what to be referred to health services, corruption at all levels of the state apparatus, the growth rate professional dubious tenders handled at discretion, drug trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal coca plantations, Dirty Pretty Things, social inequity result of racial politics, etc. In this “fight for the retention of power the government has established a policy of censorship against the press, especially that which is not subject to the opinions of those in power.

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