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Center German

The SBW as constant contact in all seminar – and technical issues available is fees training and cooperation during the training. The seminar fee is a value added tax 1495,-is 4 No. not applicable, since it is at this seminar according to 21 a) bb) UStG is a recognized professional, non-taxable sales training. Participation costs, comprehensive Seminar documents FoRDERMoGLICHKEITEN for the training are included. Training Landesversicherungsanstalt (LVA) Federal insurance institution for employees (BfA) job Center German armed forces vocational promotion service Berufsgenossenschaft (BG) accommodation due to the nationwide activities of SBW, the training usually in the vicinity of the residences of the participants held. Should still be the desire to book accommodation for the duration of the seminar at the venue, the personal representative of the SBW assist in the reservation. The cost of overnight stays is to settle by the participant with the hotel. QUALIFICATION to the surveyor: good reasons competitive advantage – greater recognition among clients in adjacent areas expertise – boost of confidence with clients new field of activity and expansion of customer contacts with additional revenue order placement through private companies, courts, insurers, expert search services, banks, lawyers, etc the second pillar divided by self-employment as a construction expert vehicle appraiser is training for the valuation and damage costing the SBW seminars in eight phases: (* content depending on the value or damage seminar) 1 Introduction to the topic past and future of the experts need the experts on the market 2 placement of the expert study and his area of responsibility publicly ordered and sworn in the personnel certification ISO 17024 free expert fees, liability, insurance coverage DIN EU * variants / heat insulation * Pfusch construction, defects, damage, etc * 3. self development tasks of mediated learning should be deepened on the basis of exercises by the seminar participants in the form of examples and logical conclusions.

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