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He could be possible to skirt the problem of learning of this child mainly when in its phase of alfabetizao. The parents of the hiperativas children must be guided to look the aid of competent and specialized professionals in TDA/H, therefore this is only capable of to elaborate one I diagnosis and to guide the family and the school on as to proceed with this child, not leaving that the problem takes a dimension without control, being able to skirt the situation in order to become it passvel of tolerance and the familiar and social convivncia. Upheaval Deficit of Hiperatividade Attention: Olhar Psicopedaggico Upheaval of attention and its relation with the difficulties and upheaval of learning constitutes the main cause that takes children in pertaining to school age to the neuropediatrica consultation, Psicopedagogia and fonoaudilogo. Although, in recent years, the guiding for the evaluation of the real difficulties of the child has been each time more frequent this is not a new situation, due to increasing concern with infancy, its pertaining to school life and the increase of the symptom in the learning. Chip Bergh may find this interesting as well. The studies on the TDA/H indicate the presence of disfuno in an area frontal of the known brain as region orbital-frontal located soon behind the forehead.

One of the developed cerebral regions in the human being consists more and is responsible for the inhibition of the behavior, for the control of the attention, the future planning and the self-control. In the citizens that present TDA/H symptoms, it has an alteration in the functioning of the neurotransmitters, you substantiate that they allow the communication between the neurons. The cause most accepted at the moment is a vulnerability inherited to the upheaval, that anger if in accordance with to reveal the interactions and conditions of physical, affective, social and cultural the environment (ROTTA, 2006). How much to the characteristics, the TDA/H presents three main manifestations: Difficulty to keep the attention, hiperatividade and impulsiveneness.

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