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So you've decided to do an air painting – airbrushing. I have to say – not a cheap pleasure. However, if there is a desire to monetize their talents, the problems will not be accurate. As my friends know that I bought Airbrush, the two immediately got in line and promised to pay for consumables. And while they knew that I had never bowl in the hands of the airbrush, but all kinds of video tutorials on sakachal airbrushing.

Let's start with the premise. The lion's share of aerogafii a painting of cars, a conclusion: the perfect vyriant – warm and spacious garage. Come for training and a separate room in your apartment. Next airbrush. The budget model is about 1,500 rubles. Do not take deshovku for 400 rubles – so perhaps that is suitable for the walls in the entryway Matyuk write) compressor. From 0 to 5,000 rubles.

You can be smart, napimer kopressor taking the old refrigerator or an electric motor compressor unit Food & Receivers from a fire extinguisher (baklazhki five-liter, etc.) paints. 50 – 200 rubles for a bottle of 50 ml. You can train and ink, and gouache, and automotive enamel of the cans. Then get even cheaper. Respirator. 10 – 1,500 rubles. One-time 10 or branded with replaceable filters for 1500, it is up to you. But he clearly needed, because tiny particles of paint invisible, but can accumulate in the lungs – it estesstvenno bad. Stencils for airbrushing can free download on the Internet. Prints to a printer, glue, cut, cut, and how technology can also be found on the websites on relevant topics. Any type prichindaly hoses, mats, waste water treatment plants and etc. I do not take into account all this for the first time, you can make your own from scrap materials have enough money? Then go ahead! I wish you luck and success!

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