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Aldi Is A Leader In Cool Articles

The darling of the German discounter is in the truest sense of the word translated leader in the sale of cool articles. These are meant by “cool products” no electronic devices in the latest trend, but – you do not like it can think of – quite simply “frozen”. As shown in a representative market survey by TNS Infratest, KPMG and the Handelsblatt, Aldi is in this product segment, most competitors behind. Just the Edeka supermarket can still compete to some extent. Due to the outstanding price-performance ratio of a satisfactory quality respectable 16 percent of consumers buy their needs of frozen food preferably one at Aldi. In the popular discounter began a few years ago on products below freezing. Now nobody wants to miss the more delicious pizzas, delicious apple strudel and tasty ice cream. For deep costed premium prices, the consumer receives goods from the same manufacturer with only slightly modified formulationsare available elsewhere at much higher prices than branded products. Finally, it should also be noted briefly on the high nutritional value of frozen foods. According to a study by the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has, for example, frozen vegetables following advantages over fresh vegetables: Frozen vegetables still has one year about 80 percent of the vitamin and nutrient content, because due to freezing, they are virtually conserved. Fresh vegetables is losing after a few days in the refrigerator for up to 60 percent of the vitamins. The same time, frozen vegetables, the body’s immune system and reduces the increased risk of cancer. The article was prepared by the information portal “” On this platform gives others a convenient overview of current and upcoming discount offers. Extent, we can also learn there, well, when and where frozen foods sold at very reasonable prices.

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