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Aragonese Dialect

Sardinia in L'Apge, in the autonomous regions of La Franco (Aragon) and El Karhu (Murcia). About 10 million people speak Catalan language. Leon dialect. To the west of autonomy of Castile and Leon (Leon, Zamora, Salamanca), many people today oppose the union of Castile and Leon, Castile against the rule in this community and for the complete separation these two areas. Leon said the people on Leonean language, and does not want to go in his communication to the Castilian. And today it is perhaps the only area where kept and used Leonean dialect.

Asturian Galician dialect and language. Asturiytsy – people living in the Principality of Asturias in the former, which was located in northern Spain. Asturian dialect rather original, it is mixed with the Galician language. This is a dialect that used in the region bordering Galicia. In itself, Galicia, which is located in the same place where in ancient times, is used purely galisiyky language. Basque language.

Basque Country – a region of the western Pyrenees – land between Spain and France – to the shores of the Bay of Biscay. The capital of this region – the city of Victoria-Gasteiz, with the name "Victoria" – Castilian origin, "Gasteiz" – Basque. The Basque language is unique, it differs from any language which is spoken in the world. For several millennia, it said the people of this region. The language used here and now. Aragonese dialect. The historical region of Aragon is located at north-east of Spain. Residents of this area – the Aragonese. Correct would be to assume that the language used here Aragonese, but it is not. While in the Middle Ages it was so. Now Aragonese language spoken only in Huesca and the Pyrenees. Kanariysky dialect. Canary Islands – an archipelago that is located near the west coast of Africa – live kanariytsy. Language, they speak mostly Castilian, but it has an admixture kanariyskogo dialect. It's like a subspecies of the Castilian language. Aran dialect. In the northwest of Catalonia is a small county – Aran. Here are the source of the river Garonne and the Valley of Aran is the highest valley Pyrenees. Most of it takes Catalan territory – this is the only area of Catalan, which is located in the Pyrenees. The rest of the Valley took arantsy, most of whom speak the language of Aran. Aran language – a kind of dialect okvitansky. He is in the Valley of Aran third official language after the Castilian and Catalan languages. So, dialects and variations of the Spanish language – is a subgroup which differ in vocabulary, phonetics and a bit of grammar. However, in all Spanish dialects use a common written standard, and only their colloquial variations differ in one way or another.

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