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Biological Sciences

Already in the decade of 1960, the University of Brazil in the area of Physical and Biological Sciences and in the one of Engineering created partnership with the Ford Foundation, creating the Coordinating Commission of After-Graduation in Engenharia (COPPE). In this same decade had the creation of the mestrado one in Mathematics in the University of Brasilia and several other Mestrados and Doutorados had been created in some Brazilian states as: Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Minas Gerais and others. After 8 Brazilian graduation was influenced mainly for the European models and the North American. Second (Wedge, 1983, P. 255), ' ' the modernization of the objective university in this perspective (reverse speed) to produce science here ' internacional' , to be taught according to standards of identical category, without veleidades autonomistas' '.

The process of Brazilian after-graduation was on to a politician-cultural vision to become the similar country the developed countries, aiming at a trend elitizada on the education, where all conception on the continuity of the graduation is deriving of the countries central offices. Analyzing these evolutivos processes of the implantation of the after-graduation in Brazil, its trends and traditions, they are in evidence the scientific-cultural dependence, problems of incompatibility with the headings and the severity of the mestrados academics. The country in after-graduation terms was imprisoned to international the educational trends with lines of incompatible research with its structure educational. Although the similarity with the international molds, the Brazilian headings conceived here have different curricular structures of those acquired in other countries, what cause certain discomfort to the academics, generating obstacles in the revalidation of the same ones. Finally, in the question of the severity in the mestrados ones and doutorados, in Brazil a great ambiguidade exists, therefore at the same time where it copied the structural American model, it did not adopt same the terms of requirements.

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