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Brazilian Public Schools

GRATUITOUS DISTRIBUTION OF CONDOMS IN THE SCHOOLS BRAZILIAN PUBLIC The project of the implantation of a machine for the gratuitous distribution of condoms in the Brazilian public schools is blameworthy, a time that the schools are suffering with other with priority necessities, as the physical structures of the same ones, the valuation of the educators, the quality of merenda pertaining to school, the security, the insufficience of the educative content, as well as the creation of educational projects for the rise of the cultural knowledge and the formation of each student. First gay appeared the project of the distribution of a kit, where the same it did not get success being vetoed by the current President of the Republic ‘ ‘ Dilma Rousseff’ ‘. Later another idle idea is gives if to materialize for the insatisfao of the responsible parents or for the adolescents who frequent the public institutions of average education in Brazil. It is truth well that ahead of the perspectives of new rights, the country comes suffering a continuous social evolution, to each day appears to the creation of new technologies and scientific discoveries, where not only the parents who are responsible for the familiar education, considered the primordial education of the child, as well as the responsible educators for the pertaining to school education, must find the base basic, that is, a new form to educate, to follow such development.

It is important to stand out that although as many advances, not if it must lose the notion of limits, therefore it is exactly from this conception of total freedom that currently we can witness behaviors it are of practised the ethical and moral standards not only for the adolescents as well as for the children. Research explicitaram that each time more early the adolescents initiate the sexual life without protection, but the implantation of a machine of condoms in the public schools is not the solution adjusted for this problem, therefore if the adolescents they initiate its sexual lives so early and without protection, it only comes to not only demonstrate to the immaturity as well as the lack of education, and knowledge on the part of them. The objective of this article is to evidence what already he is more than what explicit before the society, ‘ ‘ lack educacional’ ‘ of each citizen, as well as the questioning of where if it intends to arrive to demonstrate the limitless evolution of a society, therefore the school never was not and it will never be the appropriate place for the distribution of condoms for adolescents, where the same ones could of course be distributed through the health ranks. To such distribution it deprives of characteristics the social function of the school, that is the transmission of knowledge, the preparation of the student for a professional life and in set, the comunicacional development and finally the continuity of the ethical and moral education for the formation of the personality and character of each citizen, therefore are not condoms that they need students in the public schools. Ahead of what it was displayed, it is lamentable to perceive the parameters where the education in the country is being lead, mainly when it is about public education, is visible the defection with that the same it comes being treat, and the worthy, qualitative and efficient education each time more is part of the minority reality in the country.

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