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Castilian Spanglish

72% Of Hispanics believed that spanglish is detrimental to the Spanish. A survey conducted by the portal found that 72% of Hispanics believe that spanglish is detrimental to the Spanish. In fact, many claimed that the use of this hybrid language in Latin America represents a loss of purity of Castilian. Verbs such as liquear, mopear or wachar have become a part of the usual vocabulary of many latinos in the United States.UU., even when its proper use would be leak, mopping or look. In the rest of Latin America, words like parking, rent or fax not only are commonly used, they have even managed to make a place in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. However, the spanglish phenomenon goes beyond the simple use of anglicisms, including the exchange of complete sentences.

In one way or another, a 77.5% of respondents stated that on occasion they used phrases or words of English in their daily lives. Interestingly, only 27.2% believed that it would be necessary to establish an official rules for the proper use of spanglish with his own grammar and spelling, who also admitted that he would like to learn if there is a school of teaching in this language. The question of why they thought that people use spanglish, a 53.3% ventured to say that it was since they can’t speak well one of the two languages, while a 63.7% attributed it to laziness when it comes to think the words in the correct language. A 40.9% of respondents considered that spanglish is, in short, a natural evolution of the language, just as happened with other languages in the past, while a 35.5% consider it a misuse of language. When respondents were asked about the impact of the spanglish in the literary culture, almost 60% (57.5%) of them responded that the books written in spanglish represent a bad education for children or simply and flatly, a lack of respect for the language. The truth is that there are already many from English words rooted in daily of millions of Spanish-speaking vocabulary.

Is comes to terms like steak, rally, manager or football, whose equivalent in strict Spanish football is widely deprecated. These are the things of the linguistic exchange. Poll: Source: () source: press release sent by Vicent.

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