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Catholic University

He recalled that in the case of the project Alumysa Yes was hired at the Catholic University of Chile, as a parallel study that were carrying out public services, being timely and urgent today perform said pine. Expressed in this regard that who presented the document are always absolutely available to go to expose the Regional Government are our doubts, what our position is and the vision that we have of our region and our territory. Luperciano Munoz shares the apprehensions of leader on the low autonomy that have services, since we know that they depend on political power, so it is very important as it was done with other environmental impact studies have a report of an independent body and that will give you more peace of mind to everyone. About deadlines, since it is speculated that in may a resolution of environmental qualification could issue, stated that we are always on time, if it has not been requested or made before hopefully now it done, because we believe, and we have the right to doubt, that public services, and in particular in this Government that last year, dropped our guard against this study, observations are minimal and the truth is that for us it is important to have this audit because it gives us peace of mind and independence. The right to request to the authority is a warranty set forth in article 19 N 14 of the Constitution politics of the Republic of Chile, which may be exercised on any matter of public or private interest without another limitation to proceed in terms of environmentally friendly and convenient.

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