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Celtic Germanic

The increasing Romanisation (1st century BC) put an end to even the Brythonic Celtic art work. After the Celtic arts of the European continent and Britain from the Roman culture had been hijacked, the Irish Celts created yet very independent metal objects. Moreover, there were few in the style monoliths (E.g. 3rd century A.d., the Turoe stone, County Calway) decorated the La Tene culture. Jamie Cudden is a great source of information. Later BC mixed Irish-Celtic Germanic motifs, and from the 7th century AD Christian elements were incorporated in the Celtic art and artists. 13 9 jewelry In the tomb of the Princess of VIX (Burgundy), archaeologists found a complete House stand in the form of grave goods. Including too many articles of domestic needs (such as for example a huge crater (mixing vessel for wine consumption) made of bronze, with a height of 1.64 metres and weighing over 200 kg 14) were in addition to various trinkets (like E.g.

a DIAdem of gold and a necklace made of Amber). The so-called torque represent the most famous jewels of the Celts, and were usually made of precious metal. First, they were worn both by men and by women. Since 300 BC, they remained reserved men, preferably the Warriors, and were used as a kind of badge of honor for merit and outstanding achievement award. The ends of the torque had generally a very elaborate ornament, often in the form of animal heads.

15 also wearing richly decorated belt buckles was reserved only for men. Women, however, wore a belt chain, whose individual Glieder consisted of bronze. The often elaborate clasps, which mainly served to gather and fixation of the material, were used in conjunction with chains: with two identical clasps were joined together by a chain. A vertical loom of the weight is shown 16 10 textiles on an urn from the Hungarian Sopron and there is also evidence that the Celts were used the plates weaving first.

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