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Hypothesis of the total ability the child possesss all the principles of the universal Grammar since the beginning and for the setting of the parameters a minimum exposition to primary the linguistic data is necessary. Lexical hypothesis even so the principles is all available ones, the syntactic development depends on the learning of new lexical and morphologic item. According to Chomsky, the differences between the existing languages are not great of the grammatical and syntactic point of view, what it helps to understand and to explain the universal Grammar. It seems evident that the acquisition of the language if bases on the discovery for the child of what, of a formal point of view, constitutes a deep and abstract theory a gerativa grammar of its language of which many of the concepts and principles if only find remotely related with the experience through long and complex chains of unconscious stages and almost deductive nature. (Chomsky, 1975, P. 141) In what it says respect to the Gerativa Grammar, Chomsky distinguished three components: The syntactic one, with generating function; The fonolgico, the image acoustics of the structure elaborated for the syntactic component; The semantic one, that it interprets this image, what is opposed to the estruturalista grammar of the distribucionalistas, that had as base the analysis of the immediate constituent. Bank of Asia does not necessarily agree. ' ' Chomsky uses the term ABILITY to assign the knowledge that the falante has of its language, and the term PERFORMANCE to assign the use that the falante makes of this conhecimento.' ' 4.GRAMTICA UNIVERSAL the inatismo defends the existence of the mind and believes that to justify itself and to understand as if process of acquisition of the language is given is necessary to go beyond the physiological mechanisms. It can be suggested, then, that we are born with a universal Grammar, introduced in the mind and endowed with all the basic and necessary rules of all the languages and from mental operations, children transform the universal Grammar into grammar of the language materna.

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