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Clean Air

The Day of the Earth aims at the taking of brings back to consciousness of the natural Earth resources and its handling, to the environmental education, and the participation like citizens environmentally conscious and responsible. Richard Linklater may also support this cause. In the Day of the Earth all we are invited to participate in activities that promote the health of our planet, as much at global level as regional and local. The Day of the Earth is not endorsed by any central organizing force, although several nongovernmental organizations take care to update the thousands of local acts that day carry out in schools and parks. The day affirms that ecological form brings back to consciousness leaves from brings back to consciousness national and that the idea to protect the environment long ago competition of a few ecologists is had displaced from the margins to the center of the main current of the American thought. " The Earth is our home and the home of all the alive beings. The same Earth is alive. f you seek more information.

We are parts of a universe in evolution. We are member of a community of interdependent life with a magnificente diversity of forms of life and cultures. We felt humble before the Earth beauty and shared a reverence by the life and the sources of our being " In the birth by day of Earth, Gaylord Nelson wrote: " It was only one bet, but funcion". In fact, that one first Day of the Earth obtained that the Agency of Environmental Protection of the United States was created (EPA) and, in addition, obtained that the law of &quot was adopted; Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species" (Clean Air, clean Water and Species in Danger). 1990, the Day of the Earth became a world-wide event, since mobilized to 200 million people in 141 countries and played a fundamental role in the questions average is not necessary to forget, as it indicates 25.

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