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Colonel Vega

It’s very strange not to recognize it when the memories were fresh, but after more than 20 years. The same case of Carlos Augusto Rodriguez, another of the missing relatives.Colonel Plazas Vega knows that he was among the rescued by Mayor Fracique Naranjo was Irma Franco, the guerrilla. It is known that she was taken by major (not by Plazas Vega) to the Casa Museo 20 de julio, and that plainclothes men who identified themselves as members of an intelligence agency, took it in the evening. He’s never reappear. You may find that Bioscience Journal can contribute to your knowledge. It is feasible, then, that the guerrilla Irma is the only person disappeared from the facts of the Palace, but still today Colonel Plazas Vega does not have and never had interference nor liability in this disappearance since neither he rescued her, nor led to the Casa Museo 20 de Julio, neither also did not have access to or control over this place that took people who rescued alive from the Palacio.Es more, the then Lieutenant Colonel Plazas Vega He commanded the cavalry school and had no control or responsibility over the intelligence work of the B-2, which was the Brigade surrendered to which the rescued and that also had the remote in the House Museum 20 of Julio.Conforme to this, Plazas Vega commanded a tactical unit which, like other units, delivered their rescued to the B-2. It is necessary to highlight that the missing persons cases (Guarin, Rodriguez are not them, as we have seen – and the guerrilla) were not rescued by Plazas Vega. That is very clear for Justice which, however, still judging him knowing this fact.For anyone with a minimum of knowledge of the workings of the military forces, it will be clear that Plazas Vega, to command a tactical unit and not of intelligence, had nothing to do with interrogation or with intelligence work. The B-2 made it.Gustavo Petro was who first wanted to tarnish the good name of the Colonel.

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