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Consultative Council

150-152). Abu Jibril was considered the principle J1 recruiter and second in command, with responsibility for the management of the Group’s operations. Additional information is available at The Journal of Educational Research. Creation of an organizational structure. The organizational structure of joint implementation that took shape in the mid 1990s the Group reflects the regional aspirations. This structure, as it was evident following the arrest of the members of the AC from the end of 2001, incorporates both functional components and base units geographical. How much has changed this structure, under the pressure of the surge operations in recent years is uncertain. The Emir, or Supreme Leader, and the Syura, an Advisory Council of the senior members of JI Regional.

Abu Bakar Ba Ba’asyir served as J1 s Amir, at least, until he was arrested and taken into custody by authorities in Indonesia in October 2002. Some see it as the spiritual leader of the group, rather than its top decision making. Do Ba Ba’asyir of own public statements suggest that he plays a role in the education of inspiration and urging the radical Muslims who resort to violence? He has said, I make many knives and sell many knives, but I am not responsible for what happens with them (RESSA, 2004). However, recent investigations of incidents with pumps that suggest Ba Ba’asyir is deeply involved in JI attacks, because operators requesting your approval, or at least their consent, to legitimize their plans of attack. In some respects, this group parallel to the Shura Majlis, or Consultative Council, that Al Qaeda has used for its main deliberations.

It has the support of a number of functional components (i.e. operations, security, job hiring, the economy of the wing, and communications) to report to the Commission. Operations and security units are fundamental to J1 the capacity to carry out terrorist operations. Recruitment and indoctrination of the members of the JI is the responsibility of a unit of work.

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