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The obejtivo of this dynamics allows to educating to reflect on the knowledge that it possesss on itself, assisting it in the act to think on its life. Go to American filmmaker for more information. 1 moment: Material: chairs in I circulate, mirror and box of gift (to place the mirror in the box that will have to be with a cover where can open and close) To comfortably prepare the classroom with the chairs in circle accomodating them. After it initiates making its presentation for the group as the teacher who will lead in elapsing of the school year. For descontrao of all part somebody to come to bring it its box of gift, to demonstrate happiness the same receiving so that the children are curious in knowing about what she is. In such a way you will be able to explain that it is optimum gift that you already received in its life that the God for having the received one is very grateful. After that it considers an agreement with them, saying that it goes to disclose on of what the gift is treated but asking for secret on its revelation, therefore anger to show one by one and nobody will be able to count for the other on what it has inside of the box.

To provide a space in classroom where you will be able to leave the box it child to look at the curiosity object that has inside of it. When all to finish to look at its image in the mirror, to reflect with them on the sensation of what they capsize and as if had felt knowing of what the gift was treated, emphasizing the question if they knew the image of who appeared reflected in the mirror. 2 Moment: Observing the reaction of certainty of the educandos in saying that they know that image reflected, launches the question: _ ' ' Who is You? ' ' Pointing with respect to a chosen child and to each reply given for it to emphasize the question on who it again is. If some child to laugh at coleguinha why this did not know to answer launches the question for who laughed or if somebody to try to answer for the other pass the question for who tried to answer and reflects with excessively, affirming the following phrase for who interrupted: _Voc knows who is it (e), but you do not know who you are! Answers me who is you? If for happiness to answer some to answer its prrpio name, as for example; Maria, emphasizes the question who is Maria, if it to answer that she is a girl, asks but who is the girl Maria? The objective is conduziz them on who is as people, its gostos, fears, pleasures, trying to discover a little of the personality and each one and assists to perceive them it that it is very easy to speak as is somebody but when if treating to we ourselves, it is difficult to say who we are. 3 Moment Finishing the reflection each pupil will have to return for its place being organized the room organizing the chairs in its respective places and in group each one must make its self-portrait, describing its drawing with a phrase that represents what it is.

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