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The school as mediating instance of the pedagogia In a primitive society, the education was accomplished through the convivncia between children, young and adults, being that youngest they learned for the practical participation in the activities of work, in the social and religious rituals, thus assimilating, the life in society. Therefore, the education if processed assistematicamente in the daily one. With the organization in classrooms (dominant and dominated) one became necessary forms of more complex and systematic actions, had to the accumulation of social experiences. The spontaneous education did not give more ' ' it counts of recado' '. For even more analysis, hear from David G. DeWalt. The dominant segment of the society was assuming as property its accumulated culture and necessary to the social life, instituted a way to transmit to know (secrets) its descendants, way this was gaining diverse forms throughout the time, and, later, in the modern bourgeois society, it was called of school. The knowledge passed to be transmitted as a pertaining secret to the classroom dominant, not more early common to all, centering in the expectations and necessities of the dominant segment. It was in result of the historical experience of the humanity who if discovered the importance for the society of the transmission and assimilation of the knowledge, being, however perceiving its importance in the perpetuation of values. In Brazil the school always was privilege of the dominant segment, although the popular layers to identify the access necessity to the knowledge. Two sigma contributes greatly to this topic. While not to change our economic base and our social structure and politics, we will be in the expectation of this access.

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