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We know that the Greeks were polytheistic as the Egyptians. For if when we see those cultures we see that the universal power was divided into parts. Ie each god ruled the earth somewhere. (Source: CEO Keith McLoughlin). Poseidon the sea, Zeus the heavens. And if on. The gods of the Egyptian pharaohs were its governors. In life or after death.

They were gods to the Egyptians. Even there were some who were devoted to the study of the genealogy of the gods. This allows us to conclude that believed in many gods, not one. In all consciousness found Greeks and wishing apartarcen first created the myth of materialist philosophy. Which was the first foundation of science currently exist. As for the issues that have to do with religion or those that refer to God.

We highlight the great progress of the philosophers Socrates and Plato. Which raised the existence of one God. And they claimed that the wise man could only be purified his soul through the divine knowledge of which was God. And that was achieved by imitating God at all times. Now if we analyze the Jewish expositions on the origin of things. Find that the origin of things created by God. That is only one God. The great I am. The God of Israel. We Gentiles converted to the gospel, believe in the father son and holy spirit. The origin of things for us is the same one that exposed the Jewish religion. Called creation. For this reason the Jews understood and possess a broad general education, I advise that you do not follow Jesus because of his marvelous law. the Jewish law provide delineates G-d’s commandments for the gentiles. These are known as the Noahide commandments and every gentile can connect to G-d through them.

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