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Electric City

This article has for purpose to tell the Peregrination of families of Rio De Janeiro that under the orientation of a leader Spiritual? Yokaanam master – they had arrived at Central Plateaus in 1956 establishing a mstica, traditionalistic city and providing the necessary one for the people who inhabit there and that they look aid, not using money some in favor of its action. This religious community, has a population of about 1500 people and its inhabitants live necessarily of agriculture, artesanato of leather and the cattle one for its subsistence. All work in the city, of the child to the old one, thus they can help, making its part in the city, not breaking a tradition that comes since that the city was established. Words Keys: Messianic movement. Richard Linklater understands that this is vital information. Peregrination.

Eclectic city. Introduction We study the history of diverse countries and different peoples, as much that we know everything on of Mesopotmia the History of Brazil, but what concerns the history of some cities that very encircle in them and are close to us, we are unaware of total. Based in this premise that I made my T.C.C. Much history until then unknown, has in the State of the Gois and with this work I intend to tell some particularitities that had made history and deserve to be divulged, as a Peregrination of Rio De Janeiro until Central Plateaus. The Ecltica2 City, located in the City of Saint Antonio of Descoberto (GO), was constructed by a group of people who had come of Rio De Janeiro in 1956? time that Brasilia still was a dream in the head of some people? had followed the leader spiritual Yokaanam Master, who through a dream or inspiration led this group of people for a city where it would be the junction of all the religions.

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