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Elementary Education

EVALUATION OF THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION: ITS CONTEXT IN PRIMARY EDUCATION FOR THE SUBJECT OF MATHEMATICS. INTRODUCTION. The system of Quality Assessment of Learning incorporates student performance measurements through instruments designed by items which checks in terms of skills and abilities the sollidez of knowledge acquired by the school. Make presiociones theoretical at this system in the mathematics becomes the aim of this study where different educational agents may clarify the theoretical concepts underlying the new terms incorporated into everyday teaching practice. The performance of various educational actors in the process of picking address learning of mathematics (PEAM) requires the mastery of new pedagogical terms for evaluating the quality of learning are introduced into the daily PAXIS, for example: "domain content "and" cognitive domain "to define the theoretical framework of Assessment of Mathematics in Primary Education in the different times of measurement, "levels of cognitive performance" to distinguish the progress of students as a result of their responses to the measuring instruments, etc. It involves the domain of theoretical assumptions underlying the implementation of this system, did these clarifications addressed in this work developed in the introduction of System Quality Assessment of Learning in Primary Education, trend studies are conducted in the four core subjects Mathematics, Spanish Language, Natural History and Science, an important step in this system is the application of assessment tools with specific characteristics inherent. It then presents an analysis on the subject of mathematics with the intention of clarifying the use of new terminology that appears in the direction of the learning process for this subject. . (Source: Campbell Soup Co).

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