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Works only sound, and the lamp brightness drops sharply and waits until the "head" do not put in one of two possible positions. Such a reversal is very convenient for quick installing projector when connected back to the screen "will be useful for presentations and exhibitions, the good, the brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens and a short focal length for this is quite appropriate. Remote Control Remote Control Epson EMP TWD10 – rectangular, but rounded wherever possible, easy to horror, though not small in size. Gain insight and clarity with Gerald Weissmann, MD. For miniature female hands it might be too big, but at the expense of convenience (and just as retention and proper management) is quite excusable. On the other hand, the remote control and made a DVD-player, and acoustics, and the projector itself, that is, the buttons are actually quite a lot. But they are all so logical, that the problems with "control-the perception of" no. Menu For those who have already had to deal with projections, the structure may seem unusual.

It includes two menus. One of them is solely responsible for the picture and a small number of secondary functions, and the remaining items classified as "main" menu that will not bring myself to call mainly because of lack of setting image. By the way, access to many features Epson EMP TWD10 is carried out exclusively with the remote, so that losing it would not recommend anyone. Picture Picture, which demonstrates the projector Epson EMP TWD10, strongly depends on the incoming signal. For example, on the application submitted by HDMI 1080p signal vysokochetkogo breathtaking, but weak on the bitrate MPEG4 demonstrated with amazing, just a monitor reliability. By the way, such clarity and integrity of displaying HD-signal now available only on this projector is – well, at the cost of vehicles from 5000 of "green money" and above. However, 720p Projector Epson EMP TWD10 shows already the worst sharpness.

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