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At this point the head of the Research Department, Professor John Herbert: actually we met, Entensys and our research group of the Institute, so random, as Lord of the Apple on his head fell Newton. Everything started with reports in which friends reported me psychic seizures in employees, while Internet use at work time, in offices all over the world. First, these incidents only for short ICQ correspondence were discussed. But serious cases were from it later. In professional circles you posted it via YouTube. There I a in all offices of my friends the Entensys UserGate was software in use. Thus, you could collect must insightful data. So I had something I could, and contacted the Entensys research laboratory.

Yes, what then happened. If you would like to know more then you should visit Colorado State University. “.” The technical project manager expressed to the functioning of the newly developed psychoanalysis software Entensys U.G. Freud: the whole works just like your toaster. So user accounts in the system simply and already the module begins its work. Others including Bioscience Journal, offer their opinions as well. It analyzed the browsing habits of users in the background and collects data for the filter. You must know, nothing happens without a reason. “If a your employees while working, for example,” Herum SURFs, so it has a very specific reason or not? And just so we are working.

By examining the surfing behavior over a certain period of time with our biorhythmetisch tested algorithms to synapses-level, we can collect precise data. You have to imagine the Surfgewohheiten are the mirror of the soul. If we intervene pre-emptively here, we can stop bad mental disorders even before they arise. When this technology is used in a collective system, so can be prevented, that irreparable damage in the human brain power matrix occur a negative change of the psychosomatic status before have the background of some external sensitising factors, resulted. “.” The applications of this technology are almost unbelievable. Not only in the Division, where time finally is money and unproductive surfing habits quickly drives the employer in ruin, the software also in public facilities that keep the infrastructure running, can cause large. Not only sales and productivity can be increased substantially, but also the micro-climate in offices, that finally extremely important, can be sustainably improved. The global crisis shows its impact everywhere. Wages are cut, be shortened by holidays, in short, the working atmosphere in the Office is a disaster. With the new software of psychoanalysis by Entensys, we are finally able to put an end to the haunted. We use the system as a kind of psychological map and can customize our offices on the psychological conditions of the employees. This is really an incredible scientific and technological breakthrough. At last stop this unspeakable Office wars! “, so the opinion of Michelle lie Donoghue, an analyst of the European Centre for human health.” We would like to note that the new product UserGate psychoanalysis 1.0 (1.0 UG psycho) very soon will be available for the mass market. Implementable software extension for UserGate proxy & firewall, both as a stand-Allone product with multi functional spectrum of use of. With the right settings, UG psycho raises the alarm before the psycho emotional status of employees is critical to keep the time you, to apply preventive measures, such as a new conception of the seating or extra holidays.

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