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FEAP Guide

This supervision of professional practice, must be carried out with experts psicoterapia accredited by the respective associations of psychotherapists. 4. A minimum of 6 months of practical activities in environments public or private Mental health, in which the psychotherapist in training, may have direct experience of the clinic psychopathological, allowing him to take direct contact with different forms of manifestation of mental disorders, and various professionals involved in Mental health. With these filters, it is much more difficult that someone BREW with the damage that this means for potential patients. As we see and in short: a good education should be more than 3 years and must necessarily include a personal psychotherapy along with a clinical supervision of the own cases.

From practical point of view, when someone asks me for example, that if I know some therapist in Albacete. I say no, but who see the FEAP Guide and find someone in that city, because anyone who is registered there, at least ensures that you have a correct preparation and is not any upstart. I honestly think that the specialty of psychiatry is the most difficult of the medicine. I say this because you know that psychiatrists have quite a reputation for crazy and when asked me, I usually reply that this statement is probably true. I think that it may be true for two main reasons: firstly because we are people, and is not the same to operate a foot put for example, treat with a neurotic person, whose problems may be very similar to mine, still in these cases, very difficult to take therapeutic distance and avoid contagion. The second reason is that many professionals, by having the specialty, start directly to treat patients, ignoring that will own madness. In other words: is absolutely essential, as I have written above, be well analyzed. There have been chef before Friar or in our case, having previously been patient to therapist.

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